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Inventive Kosher Caterer Needed in Westchester County, NY

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Looking for a creative, "out of the box" kosher caterer to do a small-plates style affair. The food presentation, displays & stations are as important as the food. Anyone know of any "boutique" style caterers that would be willing to do something different???? We really are looking for a fun, inventive caterer that just "happens" to be kosher. Not formal or fancy, just really energetic & different.

All advice welcome!

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  1. I'm not an expert, but from what I've seen, I think Foremost might be able to meet your needs.

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      Try Mark and David catering. They did an amazing small plate style event recently.

      1. re: whitewater

        I'd also recommend AJ at A Touch of Elegance: http://atouchofelegancecaterers.com/
        It doesn't seem to be a fully operational website but it has their contact info and pictures of some of the stuff he does.

        1. re: sadg95

          Sadg95 --- I've never heard of them.
          So I really appreciate you mentioning them.

        2. re: LA Hungry

          LA Hungry - I was not familiar with them. So thanks so much for the new suggestion.
          I will contact them. : )

        3. re: I_like_beans

          I_like_beans: They're the name I'm always given. So I was trying to find a new company to call.

          However, they have such a strong reputation, that I will definitely speak with them.

          thanks so much!