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Nov 30, 2012 11:30 AM

Freeze-ahead Entree

Fellow foodies : Having guests for a week's stay. I want to have ready 3 freeze-ahead mieals. My kitchen is not spacious, so I like to have all prep and clean up done before guests arrive. Have already made a baked pasta, sauce , & side of meatballs, and a tray of chicken marsala. Going thru the posts I am not coming up with another idea (also DH is a picky eater, so no salmon cakes etc.). I have 3 days left to shop and prepare. Thanks for your input.

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  1. I was going to say lasagna but since you already have baked pasta and meatballs how about a quiche? There are so many variety out there and the freeze really well. If you are worried about the curst you can also make crustless quiches.

    You could pre-make pizza dough and get all the toppings prepped/ready and frozen for make your own pizza night.

    You could also do
    -pulled pork
    -stuffed pork chops/chicken
    -any kind of soup/stew

    If you want a few recipes let me know

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      The pizza idea sounds pretty good. You could even have the sauce and a light sprinkling of cheese on the pizza before you freeze it to cut out an extra step.

      Stuffed chicken breast (stuff it with garlic and herbs or some type of pesto).
      Beef and broccoli with rice.
      You could make a curry sauce like a Korma. You could cook chicken in the sauce when you make it or alternatively, make the sauce and add shrimp when you heat it up.

    2. Check the threads for people cooking for new parents/ after a death/ illness. There are lots of great freezer meals.

      1. Well it seems like the season for pot roast, I know that's pretty obvious, but it feeds lots of people, tastes great and most people love it. Something a little more interesting could be tacos - beef, chicken or pork. The proteins are easy to prepare and freeze really well then all you have to do is heat, heat up some shells or tortillas and choose your toppings. Mark Miller has some great taco recipes and they are available on line and free.

        1. Chili
          Chicken Tetrazzini
          Shepherd's Pie

          1. Short ribs
            Swiss steak
            Pot roast (add vegs later & heat)
            Peal & eat shrimp with several sides/sourdough bread
            Mexican casseroles (recipes galore on the net)
            Easy & fun for guests, taco bar (freeze meat/chicken filling)

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            1. re: Gail

              chicken in wine freezes and reheats well (old family recipe, don't know who/what to give credit to)
              Chicken in Wine:

              4-5 half chicken breasts (2 whole)
              Seasoned flour (about 1 cup with s&p)
              6 tbsp. oil
              2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms
              1/2 cup chicken broth
              1/2 cup orange juice
              1/2 cup dry white wine
              1 tbsp. brown sugar
              4 carrots, sliced julienne style

              Cut chicken into 1 inch cubes. Shake in seasoned flour and brown in oil.
              Fry mushrooms in butter or olive oil. Combine remaining ingredients in
              large casserole. Add chicken and mushrooms.

              Cook at 350 degree oven for 1 hour. Serve over rice Or potatoes.

              If soup or stew is an option, this is my favourite coconut red lentil soup, very hearty, serve with nice bread and a salad.