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Best Bay Area panettone

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Honestly, I can't tell the difference between the $10 Whole Foods panettone and the $15 Fiasconaro one I bought at Berkeley Bowl. What am I not getting? Is the $30 loaf really all that much better? Are there any bakeries that make fresh panettone that blows the socks off store-bought, packaged ones?

I love panettone but am not sure what to expect apart from light, slightly buttery dough, plump raisins and soft peel. Would love to be enlightened...

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    1. Liguria Bakery (on Stockton Steet@/Washington Square in SF) makes its panettone at some point in December. You could give them a call to ask when they will be available.

      Emporio Rulli in Larkspur also bakes its own panettone around this time of the year.

      Personally, I am not a big panettone fan either, but either of the locally baked ones are worth a try.


      1. I can't imagine what anyone could do to a panettone to make it worth $30.

        Acme's is worth a dry. Sometimes it's a bit dry but if you toast it that doesn't matter.

        1. Thanks everyone. That makes me feel better. I'll look out for the baked locally stuff and not bother wondering any more about the imported $$$ stuff in the beautiful wrapping...

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            Please let us know which panettone you wind up buying and how you like it.

          2. Over the years I have tried several local panettones, including one from Bouchon Bakery. To be honest, any "high end" panettone imported from Italy is much better. A.G. Ferrari has always a good selection.

            1. I love panettone too. I have to resist buying it because I might as well just strap it to my gut because it will just end up lodging itself there permanently once I eat it. I can tell you that I have NOT liked the smaller ones sold by Trader Joe's which I bought in a fit of trying to cut down on my Italian holiday goodies consumption. My sister bakes it each year and I prefer the boxed variety.. I have to make a wide berth around the ones at Costco because they are, of course, twice as large as any other and this year they have an intriguing one wrapped in thick, rustic looking, stamped paper. Has anyone tried this one?

              1. I looked in at PIQ to see if they were baking any, they're not but they had several Italian brands. $38 for a panettone with chemicals in the ingredient list?

                1. If I remember correctly, I've gotten one from Della Fattoria at the Ferry Plaza market in the past. No idea if they are doing them this year.