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a snow scene to eat?

I want to make something for a work holiday part that is the following:

1) Not super expensive, can feed a crowd;
2) Is in one dish/bowl (or at least is not served in individualized dishes);
3) Has a holiday or winter scene to it (but avoids the religious emblems).

I'm thinking sweet, but I'm flexible.. One idea I had was a bid bowl of white chocolate mouse with shredded peppermint on top and a little skier. However, I searched online for inspired dishes and didn't find much.

Can anyone point me anywhere?


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  1. I tend to think sweet as well (and in general). Building on your white mousse theme and skier, why not make a trifle and decorate the top layer with your skier? :)

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      Oh, gosh, and unless Santa is taboo, look at these very cute strawberries!

      Of course you don't HAVE to make them with Cool Whip--you could make those Santas far sexier with a few additional ingredients.

    2. Not a snow scene but I like the crudite Christmas tree. Here is an example:


      That one uses a lot of kale and leafy greens but someone on chowhound once posted another one that included mostly brocolli, carrots, and peppers. I like that one more but I can't find it.

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      1. random thoughts that might help:
        - meringues = snowy peaks
        - upside-down ice cream cones coated with white chocolate, whipped cream or frosting and topped with coconut = snowy trees
        - flaked or shredded coconut or powdered sugar = snow
        - fondant penguins & polar bears or marshmallow snowmen
        - marshmallow igloos
        - white chocolate bark with candy fish = a frozen lake
        - snowflake-shaped cookies
        - white cupcake tower with marshmallow or Italian meringue icing peaks and seasonal toppers
        - cake pops decorated as snowmen

        1. How about a coconut cake? You could use the top of the cake as a snow scene. A candy supply store could provide edible pine trees, maybe even candy figure skiers?

          Or if you don't care if the scene is edible hot any one you with 10 year boys. Lots of scened you could do with Lego figures. My son has skiers, skaters, evergreen trees, etc.

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            Could even make the tree yourself with an upside down sugar ice cream cone and some stiffer royal icing and a star tip, and use those pre-made gingerbread mini men cookies and decorate them with frosting in winter outfits.

          2. What do you think of this--Snowy Mountain Cake by Nathalie Beauvois? I get that it's an illustration, but you could add figurines to create a similar effect:

            1. I just made a couple dozen roasted chestnut cookies that are finished in powdered sugar and very snow scene like when arranged on a holiday platter.

              Super easy recipe if you can source the steamed chestnut meat about 3 bucks a bag they now sell or care to roast your own. You only need 1 cup of chestnut meat, crushed, to make several dozen cookies.

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                Could you share the recipe please?

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                  Origin source:

                  Adapted by SK and the recipe I followed (I up the cinnamon & nutmeg by choice in the coating step and double sift the powdered sugar).

              2. Cooked Cream of Wheat mixed with confectioners sugar can be snow-like.
                Firms up pretty nicely too if it has to hold up any skiers or polar bears of some kind.

                1. Shepard or cottage pie

                  1. Mashed potato slopes, broccoli fir trees, um....

                    1. OK, this is sheer awesomeness: a cold cut scene with a grinder roll mountain shared by my friends in Serbia. I love this landscape, too!

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                          Lots of wow factor there! I wouldn't be able to eat it.

                        2. I did a savory winter scene a few years ago by making large and medium canned black olives into penguins and then posing them on a cream cheese covered plate. People laughed out loud when they saw it. Slit large olives lengthwise on one side, then fill slit with cream cheese. This is the body of the penguin, with the cream cheese as its belly. Position on top of carrot slice that you've cut a wedge out of for the feet. Stick the wedge of carrot into the medium olive for the beak (point side out) and put this olive on top of the large one for the head. Et voila! A penguin!

                          It's super fiddly, messy and takes some time to do, but it's worth it for the appearance alone. As far as flavor goes, it's best to mix some garlic into the cream cheese. It won't discolor it (you need a white belly) and tastes better than plain.

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                              How did I miss this post?! So sorry. Well, now we have a visual. :)

                            2. Let there be penguins! Found the "recipe" after spying these at a party and thought I'd share. Don't they look dapper? :)