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Nov 30, 2012 10:30 AM

Lincoln Ristorante - hits and misses

SO and I went to the Benno joint last night after Nutcracker. We were 20 minutes early for our 8:45 reservation, but they had no problem seating us - the dining room was about half full.

We were seated out of view of the kitchen, and so unfortunately were unable to observe the chefs at work. No more than 30 seconds after we were handed the menus, the decisions were made:

Rigati con granseola: by far the most outstanding dish of the night (SO agrees). Rigati cooked al dente, served in a robust sauce with a healthy dosage of peekytoe crab and sea urchin. Full-flavoured but not overpowering.

Reginette verdi al ragu bolognese: in comparison to the other primi this came across as a bit more pedestrian. The pasta was, granted, cooked to the same high quality as the rigati, but the meat (veal, pork, and beef) ragu was, while tasty, one-note. Maybe I have myself to blame for ordering something al ragu bolognese and expecting something revolutionary, though.

Anatra arrosto: the duck breast was the highlight - cooked to tender medium rare with a smoky, slightly crisp skin. The leg was de-boned and compacted into something resembling a terrine (but not ground by any means...there must be a proper term for this), and not as interesting. The sauce was, imho, overpowering and didn't allow the flavour of the meat to come through. SO hated the farro (said it had a Chinese herbal taste to it, haha). I just found the dish too heavy 3/4 through it.

Piccione e fegato grasso: on the online menu this was priced at $45 and carries a $8 supplement to the prix fixe. At the restaurant last night this was $40 with no supplement (they offered a $48 steak with $8 supp. instead). We decided to go for it. The foie gras sauce wasn't as intense as I'd like it, but the squab's own..."gaminess?"...I quite enjoyed. A bit skimpy on the meat here, though, at least compared to the duck preparation.

Mille Foglie: a dry, less fluffy and puff version of the mille feuille I'm used to (difference between Italian and French? Don't know). Roasted pear was moist and sweet. Mostly pleasant.

Dolce alla gorgonzola: I flat out did not like this. Both the cheesecake and the pistachio genovese were, dare I say, savoury. I had to pair them with the concord grape sorbetto to balance out the taste in my mouth. Too many things were going on in this one and I just think they don't meld well together.

Bread (focaccia, multi-grain, white, breadstick) was adequate with a yummy eggplant-chick pea dip and EVOO. Petit fours were nougats with candied orange, coffee truffles (with grappa, apparently), and four-spice caramel. We were stuffed and couldn't finish all of them so we asked to bring them home.

Service was mostly faultless. One time the gentleman refilling my water splash some in my eye as I was turning to say thanks. I don't think he noticed. Another time the lady putting down our desserts almost allowed the sorbetto (sitting on a bed of clumped up granola) fly off the plate (it ended up on the edge). I doubt she could've missed that, but she didn't make note of it, and neither did we. Our main server, Jennifer, was competent and pleasant throughout the evening.

Overall a positive experience and for $130 ($60 prix fixe x 2 + tax) I would say it was fair value. Will try to get some pictures up at some point (again, on my SO's camera...).

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  1. $60 prix fixe for dinner actually sounds quite inexpensive for this class of restaurant.

    Thanks for your interesting report. I suspect I would have liked the bolognese more than you did, because I would just expect it to be really good bolognese sauce, nothing revolutionary or unusual. I am not a huge lover of gorgonzola cheese, so I probably wouldn't have ordered a dessert that featured it, but the idea of a dessert with savory overtones (unless that means a lot of salt) is at least in theory interesting to me. The thing that really concerns me in your review is your disappointment at the duck. My girlfriend and I usually (at least one of us) order duck if it is on the menu. So perhaps if we go to Lincoln, we may consider avoiding the duck.

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      The 3-course dinner prix fixe sounds new (online menu says 2 savories and dessert). Anybody know if they did away with their tasting menu?

      1. re: deepfry7

        I'm believe that the tasting menu is available upon request but call to confirm.

        The gorgonzola cheesecake is my favorite dessert on the menu though the sweet/savory combination isn't to everyone's tastes.

      2. re: Pan

        I agree that $60 per three courses is a definite bargain considering the food quality at Lincoln.

        1. re: steakrules85

          The online menu now shows $65 for a 3-course meal (plus serving of crostini to start, which I assume was also included with OP's meal). Still sounds like a good deal for a high-quality dining experience.

      3. I'm going to Lincoln on Wednesday for a Restaurant Week meal. What should I get?