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Nov 30, 2012 10:13 AM

Eating expensive tasting menus solo?

So I would love to experience meals at Minibar, Rogue 24, Suna, Komi, etc but my friends are not exactly keen on spending $150+ on a meal so I'm the only one interested. Is it unusual to make reservations for one at these places?

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  1. I've done Rogue as a solo, and I think it's the perfect place to do it given the layout of the restaurant.

    1. Rogue is great as solo diner. If you do the 24-course tasting, there is very little, if any, wait time between courses. There's also a lot happening on the main floor to keep you entertained.

      I would also recommend the omakase at Sushi Taro. It is a very interactive dining experience.

      1. I'll be trying Suna solo. Suna has a kitchen counter which sounds good for solo dining- we'll see! note they said you have to get the 8 course menu at the counter.

        1. Not unusual. I read about this in food blogs -and boards like Chowhound- all the time.

          1. Nothing wrong with solo courses. Some of my best meals are solo. Makes you less distracted and enjoy the food for what it is.