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Nov 30, 2012 09:27 AM

Recs for Asian Noodle Tour of Flushing

Going with a friend next week, in the afternoon. our plan is to try as many places as possible with great noodle dishes. My go to places in Flushing have been Spicy and Tasty, especially for some of their cold noodles and Sentosa for Mee Goreng and Chow Fun noodles. I haven't been to Flushing in a while, so I'm not up to date on where to go.
Looking for recs for other restaurants within walking distance of the 7 train
We're both pretty adventurous eaters, the only real criteria is that it taste good.

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  1. Rural @42-85 Main St has a variety of interesting, uncommon noodles: corn noodles, gluten noodles (la pi popularized by Xian Famous Foods), bean curd noodles, etc. It's a little bit of a trek, but is absolutely worth it. The chef is very competent, it's a lovely place.

    1. All of Flushing is walkable - just depends on how far you are willing and able! Also with two, you will likely be stuffed before too long, no?

      You could really just start and end here:

      Golden Mall:

      New World Mall Food Court:

      Next, these places are close to Roosevelt and Main Street:

      Fu Run – Manchurian

      Henan Fengwei:

      Imperial Palace:

      Red Chopsticks:

      Rifu (Chinese-Korean):

      Spicy & Tasty:

      Further afield:

      Golden Palace - Manchurian

      Jiang Li – Northern/Manchurian:

      Gourmet Noodles & Delicacies – Wenzhou

      Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan:

      Hunan House:

      Jiang Li – Northern/Manchurian:

      Rural - Manchurian

      Yi Lan Halal Chinese:

      NEW! Lao Dong Bei - Manchurian

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      1. re: scoopG

        many thanks-great list, Scoop. Although you're right that normally Flushing is very walkable, one of us has a bit of a mobility issue right now. So, for example, the walk from the 7 train to Rural ( and back) would be a little too far.
        Haven't been to the New World Food Court, but I have been to the Golden Mall. While the Golden Mall is a little scruffy, I love many of the vendors there.
        If we only had time to go to one, which would you suggest, New World or Golden?
        Also, re Spicy and Tasty, I see their rating from the Dept of Health is still pending, I know they previously received a C, and I believe they were even shut down for a while.
        Although I never had a problem with them since they've been on Prince St, years ago when they were in their old location I walked out on my first visit after a look at what was one of the filthiest restaurant kitchens I've ever seen. Wondering if I should be concerned now, given their DOH ratings problems?

        1. re: Ann900

          Stall #4 in the New World Food Mall has been serving excellent Sichuan food for last few months. the Dan Dan Mian and spicy Sesame noodles are very good. Just tell her you want them Ma La.

          1. re: Ann900

            Hi Ann900 - then hit up the New World Food Court - dozens of food vendors there. "Grade Pending" means that the restaurant is appealing their recent DOH review. But I think you will be very at the New World. If not sated, you can still hit up the other places within your range!

        2. Stall #4 in the New World Mall Food Court is turning out very tasty Szechuan food.the noodle dishes are very good and if you tell the women, who is the chef, that you want them Ma La she will make them that way. My Dan Dan Mien were "plate licking good",

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