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Solo diner, Embarcadero area, not too $$$ [SF]

Hi; I'm going to be dining solo, a Sunday evening, staying at the Hyatt Regency. I've got a reservation at the Slanted Door, but think I might trade it for something a little less expensive, unless you all can convince me it's really worth it. My per diem isn't enough to cover it. I'm an adventurous diner, but really want something in walking distance from the hotel. And I want someplace I'll feel comfortable by myself. Thanks!

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  1. Barbacco has great food, lots of counter seating and is a very good value, but only has beer and wine. You could stop by Slanted Door for a well-crafted cocktail first or afterwards....

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      Barbacco's closed Sundays. Otherwise it would be my first recommendation.

    2. Hmmm, Sunday, the moderately priced places around there I'd usually recommend are closed.

      Osha Thai is good. Happy hour (3-6) at La Mar has some good deals.


      1. R&G Lounge. Adventurous. Cheaper. 6 blocks - 10 minutes walk - straight shot. Open on sunday.

        If you really don't want to do much at all, just walk across the street to Gott's (Taylor's) for an Ahi Burger.

        That area is not known for cheap, or open on sunday, which is why I'm suggesting hoofing it 10 minutes to the edge of chinatown. It's not really that far.

        If you're OK popping into the BART right there and popping out somewhere else (19th St Oakland, 16th Mission, just a few stops) or MUNI (church st, castro str) you can have it all - cheaper, funner, and with less of a walk (but more time). Those are real neighborhoods with the kind of $20 entree neighborhood place where they have lively bars and good food.

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          What do you order dining alone at a place like R&G?

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            I've dined alone at R&G [sniff]

            A cup of winter melon (or shark fin) soup and a seafood claypot make for a wonderful meal.

        2. Prospect. While their regular menu is hardly dirt cheap, their Sunday Supper special is usually good and decent value.
          I also like their bar menu.

          The all-night happy hour menu at Palomino is not bad for a place where you can watch Sunday Night Football.

          Chaya has an all-night happy hour menu, too.

          You could also have a $15 pizza at Americano, which is really close to the hotel. The pizzas there are usually quite decent. It's a hotel restaurant in a nice hotel, so there will likely be plenty of solo diners, although Sunday nights are usually very quiet.

          I would also consider Perry's Embarcadero, which has simple but good food and is moderately priced. It's also in a hotel, so plenty of solo diners and lots of TVs.

          1. Head to Cotogna. It's a 10-12 minute walk from the Hyatt. Sit at the bar (no reservation needed).

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              I think reservations might be needed for a solo diner at Cotogna on Sunday since it's a prix-fixe dinner, which might be more expensive than Slanted Door.


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                The Sunday Supper is a treat. Reservations are always a good idea but I would still sit at the bar.

            2. Thanks for all the suggestions! I definitely will check these out. (I'm actually having dinner with a friend on Tuesday at Prospect, so thanks for the confirmation that it's a good choice)

              1. Oh, I would so urge you to, as said, jump on BART and go to the Mission. It'll be almost faster than walking and you'll have so much more choice and much livelier crowds and ambiance. Be even more adventurous! :-)

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                  Agreed. Plus, the streets from the Hyatt to some of the places mentioned above are abandoned on Sunday night. Personally, I feel safer around the sketchy but populated Bart stations in the Mission than I do walking around the FiDi at night. Regardless, make sure to have an umbrella this weekend!

                2. Ok, so I kept my reservation at the Slanted Door (at 5:30; I'm on East Coast Time). I'm happy I did. It was really wonderful. They gave me a table where I could look out on the Bay Bridge. I ordered a cocktail and oysters and an appetizer. As I was eating I realized I was hungrier than I thought I was, and magically, a complementary half salad came out to me. I ordered another cocktail and was a very happy diner. SF is a wonderful place. Thanks for all your input.