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Nov 30, 2012 08:52 AM

2 hours in Cancun with car

I'm flying in to Cancun ahead of my friends by 3 hours, and I thought I'd get the rental car sorted and find a place for lunch downtown. Any recommendations? Local seafood/ceviche or tacos would be great. Also, any recommendations on safety (solo female) or parking? Thanks.

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  1. Downtown is daunting. The airport feeds onto highway 307, I would scoot to Puerto Morelos just a few KM south, and enjoy ceviche & guac at Los Pelicanos on the water by the dock. Infinitely more relaxing than bus fumes.

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      Hmm thanks. I am curious to see the city, though. I'll be spending the next week on the beach. But good suggestion if I'm too tired to explore!

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        I'm no expert on Cancun but I do go almost every year. I stay in the Zona Hotelera but go downtown for groceries or to go to Plaza las Americas.

        I'm not sure you have as much time as you think you do. You'll have to pass customs and immigration and collect your bags. Last time I went was absolute insanity. That by itself took almost 3 hours in a packed and hot lineup for immigration. There were only 2 immigration officers on duty for several thousand passengers.

        Even if you don't have it that bad (and that was the first year that it was that bad) you'll still need to figure at least half an hour to get the car and half an hour to drive to downtown Cancun and half an hour back. I think best case scenario you'd have less than an hour of free time.

        I also have to ask how experienced you are driving in Mexico. Cancun is very good by Mexican standards and police patrol heavily for speeders especially in the hotel zone as they don't want tourists getting run down, but downtown traffic can be chaotic, especially if you don't know your way around.

        And then downtown Cancun is not particularly interesting. It isn't historic and isn't very pedestrian friendly. You wouldn't really park someplace and then walk around. People drive (or take the bus) to the supermarket or the Wal-Mart or the shopping center.

        Not that it might not be worth a trip if you're in the area for a week (though not instead of Tulum or Chichen Itza or even the hotel zone of Cancun), but your time is probably too tight before meeting your friends.

    2. Thanks - ended up spending the two hours in Puerto Morelos - great suggestion. It was nice to get straight to the beach and be somewhere that wasn't mostly American. Very relaxing and easy to get there and back! The ceviche was decent, and the ambiance fantastic with the beach and live music...