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Nov 30, 2012 08:44 AM

Italian Rum Cake

Every year I make an Italian Rum Cake for my family, and this year I won't be home for Christmas. I'd like to order an Italian Rum Cake for my family, any recommendations for bakeries in the DC Area, near Mt. Vernon if possible?

I'm looking for a version that uses whipped cream or pastry cream in the center layers rather than custard.

Thanks for anyone's input!

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  1. Unfortunately Vaccaro's no longer has a DC presence, but this venerable Baltimore institution makes an excellent rum cake.

    1. Wegmans makes one. I've had it and this one is excellent.

      However, I'm Sicilian and have never in my life had Italian rum cake before this one, so I have nothing to compare it to in terms of authenticity. But this cake is darn good. I often take issue with Wegmans prepared foods and some of their sweet bakery items, but this one is one of their winners.

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        I second the Wegman's version. I recall it being whipped cream based.

        1. re: Jason1

          Thanks, I'll have to check out Wegman's. The website picture looks wonderful.