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Nov 30, 2012 07:58 AM

Salt Rising Bread?

I am having withdrawls since Bread Garden closed shop..I was there on most last wednesdays of the month for my fix.
Anyone know of a local source in the BA?
I found a bakery back east.. but with shipping it would be over 10 bucks a loaf!
My father used to make it, I might have to give it a try.

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  1. I know of no salt rising bread in this area. I also have to say the the one time I tried the version at the Bread Garden, I thought it was a small shadow of what good salt rising bread should be. That said, I don't like many of the versions I've tried. There was a very good one from a bakery in Michigan but that bakery closed a long time ago.

    Do you know of Susan Brown's Salt Rising Bread website? it's here:

    The site used to have a list of sources, but she now has a bakery that makes salt rising bread so the list is gone from her site :-) I have the list plus other sources of the bread I've culled from the internet. I'd be happy to post it here if anyone wants it.

    Susan Brown's salt rising bread is available at her Rising Creek Bakery:

    I tried a loaf from Rising Creek and didn't much like it. It could just be a matter of the type you grew up with. Her version is so moist that, when you toast a slice, the edges burn before the inside of the slice is toasted at all. At least that's the way it was a couple of years ago. But she is certainly an authority on the subject, and maybe hers is really the way it's supposed to be.

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      The best (to me) salt rising bread I've had since childhood, other than from Lawson's Goodies Bakery in Michigan that closed several years ago, was from Crossroads Bake Shop back East. It had more aroma and flavor than Rising Creek Bakery's version.Three smallish loaves cost $24 including shipping. If you love good salt rising bread, it's worth it.

      Crossroads Bake Shop
      812 North Easton Road (Route 611)
      Doylestown, PA 18902
      Marcia Durgin, owner

    2. Thank you for that!
      Yes..the SR at BG was hit or miss, onve it had no flavor at all..but they kindly refunded me the next time.
      I would love to see your list and thanks for the link.
      Maybe I'll buy 6 from the Penn bakery and freeze them.

      Nothing like the smell of good SR bread in the toaster!!

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      1. re: Diving Chef

        Here you go:

        The list contains my notes. "X" is a bad mark, "*" is a good mark. Most of them I haven't tried.

      2. Thanks again Malcolm..I have ordered some from Crossroads!!

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            Crossroads was not able to ship until after the holidays so I ordered some from RC and just received two loaves. Its good, but not as strong as I like? Its a bit $$ at 12 bucks a loaf with shipping so I had them include a starter pack as well. It is quite the ordeal according to the directions..a precise temp of between 105-110 is necessary. They suggest useing a heating pad or a box with a 40watt bulb. I will have to see what I can do.

            Thanks again for all the are right- the smell of toasting SR bread is a good thing!