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Nov 30, 2012 07:42 AM

Midtown Global Market Recommendations

I'm heading there and want a few suggestions. From previous posts I've seen that the Sonora Grill is worth checking out. What else should be on my list? I haven't been there in probably two years

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      1. Also, pork tamales from Manny's Tortas.

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          the chilaquiles from la loma, shrimp caramelo from sonora, pbs wrap party from LHC, El burrito mercado is solid, manny does make a mean torta. I usually do a progressive lunch. Little of this, little of that, basically a Midgloma tasting menu...

          1. re: ChancesR

            Oops. I meant La Loma, not Manny's.

          2. Thanks. This is all really helpful so far

            1. We had the poutine from Left Handed Cook and a Manny's Special Torta. Both were really good. We'll be back for more