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World Street Kitchen

Has anyone been there yet? I ventured downtown once this summer and had the Yum Yum Rice Bowl from their food truck. I'm definitely interested in trying this out.


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  1. I tried the BBQ short rib Yum Yum Rice Bowl. The short ribs were amazing. The mix of the other bowl contents was oddly addictive, but kind of a random combination of stuff. I am definitely interested in going back and trying more things. I am especially interested in trying the meats as lettuce wraps or tacos where I think they might be able to shine even more. I went after it had only been open a few days. It was a pretty smooth experience for such a short time of opening.

    1. A pal of mine who is a food writer has been there twice already. She's really enjoyed it, and it's gone to the top of my list to try.

      1. Intriguing. Although, the photos on their web site don't make the food look too appetizing. I nomnominate Nom Nom Foodie.

        1. Just don't get it. The Oh Hum Rice Bowl was just that....Maybe I'm tasting their politics.

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            I went monday. The aloo tikki chaat appetizer was really solid. Also tried the shrimp, the lamb taco, the MFC, and the meatball banh mi. I thought everything was tasty, in line with my expectation for the place, and I would order the chaat app, the lamb belly and the MFC sand again for sure, but i liked it all on some level. I will say though, I don't know what politics taste like.

          2. I haven't been, but I work nearby, and my co-workers rave about the jerk beef tacos.

            1. Went with a friend last night. Ordered the Aloo Tikki Chaat, Crispy Tofu Yum Yum Bowl, and Falafel Burger. The Chaat was super tasty with a nice heat. The Yum Yum Bowl had 3 or 4 large slabs of tofu over rice with peanuts, a spicy mayo, Chinese broccoli, mushrooms, and a soft egg hidden at the bottom. The Yum Yum bowl was great, but when I found the soft cooked egg (which I had forgotten was in the dish) and broke the yolk, it raised it to excellent. Each bite was different with varied flavors and textures. The Falafel Burger featured the best falafel I've ever had (including the defunct Black Sea Restaurant's, which I liked very much), and even the bun was tasty.

              There was a minor service issue requiring the burger to be sent back to the kitchen. It was promptly replaced with a sincere apology from the person I assume was the manager on duty. At the end of our meal, we were offered dessert as a make-good, which was greatly appreciated.

              We tried the Passion Fruit Mango Lassi, which featured an apricot chutney and puffed wild rice, and the Salted Caramel Chocolate Marshmallow sundae. The mango lassi and chutney were excellent, the chocolate sundae was solid for those requiring a sugar / chocolate fix (I'm personally not a chocolate person).

              I have a minor quibble with the Chaat costing nearly $5, but otherwise I thought the prices were reasonable for the portions, especially for high quality ingredients prepared in high-rent Uptown. I would also like to see french fries in the burger baskets.

              I'm rarely in Uptown, but would definitely go out of my way to Eat WSK again.

              1. Just searched on this place and another thread came up, not this more recent one. I added a comment there, and then see this one. Uh-oh!

                1. Very disappointed when we went in the first week of December. I was really excited to go, b/c I had been following the buzz about the WSK truck, and I've really enjoyed and respected their work at Saffron. Unfortunately, the food we had was a letdown for several reasons.

                  First, the positive: The mango lassi froyo was tasty with inventive toppings (what appeared to be puffed wild rice and an apricot chutney).

                  My spouse and I each ordered rice bowls, one lamb and one pork belly. We are *not* big eaters but the overall portion size was incredibly small. In a different setting with different food that might be okay, but frankly, rice is cheap and even more of that would have helped. The lamb was intensely salty almost to the point of being inedible. What really killed it was the "sauce" on top of the rice- it appeared to be some mix of cheez whiz and sour cream. Two giant blobs of this on top of a tiny portion of rice rendered most of the rice inedible to me. That point may be just my Asian sensibilities, but even beyond that the other things (small size, over spicing) also tanked the dish. We would have brought it up, but floor staff weren't around until long after we'd given up, and the line to the cashier was long. We cut our losses and went somewhere else and ate a full meal- something I've honestly never had to do before.

                  Overall, I really wanted to like this place- I like fusion food, I loved their food at Saffron- but the only way I'd come back is if friends really wanted to go or something. If I did I'd try something relatively straightforward like the tacos.

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                    Finally got around to trying this place. I tried the Korean BBQ Rice Bowl, and while I was hoping to overwhelmed I was instead just merely whelmed. To start, I'm with you, mangosteen, their special sauce is just gross. When you think of a rice bowl you think of a modicum of healthiness. But when you plop two big scoops of flavorless dairy-based "sauce" on it, it is just wrong. Cream cheese wonton wrong. Ketchup on a hot dog wrong. Also, the kimchi had no pizzazz - it was just kind of oddly sour. And the beef itself was just kind of bland. Bland would be my overall description of the entire dish. In addition, what is with the industrial chic interior so popular these days? It is so unimaginative, unless of course it is your intention to have your patrons vacate the premises shortly after eating. But even Starbucks (who is clear about this goal) furnishes their establishments with design in mind (however banal it may be.) So, all in all, my experience was OK. I didn't feel queasy or anything after eating there, but I wasn't wowed either. I'll try it again, but probably not that dish.

                  2. Finally tried it out. We got the jerk beef tacos, the fried fish sandwich, and the fried chicken biscuit. Oh, and the crispy chickpeas. The chickpeas were not good - the spices/herbs (impossible to indentify) tasted and looked burned.

                    The jerk beef tacos were very good. Nice beef flavor, a bit of spice, good chimichurri.

                    The fish was seasoned with "new bay". Nice flavor, well-cooked and crisp.

                    The chicken biscuit was on a large biscuit with green onions and maybe other stuff in it. There were shredded carrots and preserved lemon and a huge, spicy, battered chicken piece inside. The chicken was moist and well-cooked. The batter was a bit thick and greasy - sort of state-fair-like, but still tasty. The biggest issue here was it was too big to bite and the biscuit was crumbly. I had to sort of nibble it in from the edges and hope for the best.

                    All in all, it was interesting and a pretty good value. Some quality control might be in order.