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Nov 30, 2012 07:28 AM

World Street Kitchen

Has anyone been there yet? I ventured downtown once this summer and had the Yum Yum Rice Bowl from their food truck. I'm definitely interested in trying this out.

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  1. I tried the BBQ short rib Yum Yum Rice Bowl. The short ribs were amazing. The mix of the other bowl contents was oddly addictive, but kind of a random combination of stuff. I am definitely interested in going back and trying more things. I am especially interested in trying the meats as lettuce wraps or tacos where I think they might be able to shine even more. I went after it had only been open a few days. It was a pretty smooth experience for such a short time of opening.

    1. A pal of mine who is a food writer has been there twice already. She's really enjoyed it, and it's gone to the top of my list to try.

      1. Intriguing. Although, the photos on their web site don't make the food look too appetizing. I nomnominate Nom Nom Foodie.

        1. Just don't get it. The Oh Hum Rice Bowl was just that....Maybe I'm tasting their politics.

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            I went monday. The aloo tikki chaat appetizer was really solid. Also tried the shrimp, the lamb taco, the MFC, and the meatball banh mi. I thought everything was tasty, in line with my expectation for the place, and I would order the chaat app, the lamb belly and the MFC sand again for sure, but i liked it all on some level. I will say though, I don't know what politics taste like.

          2. I haven't been, but I work nearby, and my co-workers rave about the jerk beef tacos.