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Any new snack you can't get enough of?

I discovered Milano Slices by Pepperidge Farm. It's a thin, crispy cookie covered in yummy chocolate and topped with chopped, salted pretzels. The combination of sweet and salty is irresistible Bet you can't eat just one!

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  1. That sounds lovely Marymac! I got a bag of baked multigrain crisps last week at the Pepperidge farm outlet near my home - they were on the counter for a dollar. I have to look for them again because they were (Relatively) guilt free and very tasty!

    1. Skinny Pop popcorn. I can't stop eating it. My sister recommended it and I've found it at Whole Foods. She's found it at Costco as well. I seriously can not stop eating it! The only ingredients are popcorn, sunflower oil and salt.

      1. I'm a big fan of the new peanut butter Snickers.

        1. Kettle Chips' Buffalo Bleu, and before that flavor, Honey Dijon.

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            Those Honey Dijon chips are insanely good. In fact, my fingers were rather yellowed from munching on so many of them the other day. Haven't tried the Buffalo Bleu yet.

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              They are hot. And they have ridges. And they only won me over slowly: I bought them at my local supermarket, and felt I was settling, because WF is the only place that sells Honey Dijon here.

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                Sounds like my kind of thing. We have no WF here but one of stores does carry them as I have seen them.

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              I love the sea salt and pepper flavor.

            3. Stacy's Pretzel Bread Bakery Crisps. Even better than Stacy's pita chips, and far better than every other brand of crappy bagged pretzels ever. I've only found them at Costco so far, but they are awesome with anything on them, dipped in anything, or just straight out of the bag.

              1. A ridiculous bag of tiny round pretzel balls from WalMart (store brand). Husband was rooting through the pantry looking for more; so sad I'd only picked up the one to try.

                1. The local Trader Joe's has by the checkout a small tin of dark chocolate nibs....1 calorie per nib, and they're rich, slightly bitter and lovely. They satisfy my sometimes urge to consume about 85 pounds of chocolate chip cookies. The tin has several small handfuls in it, so it feels more sinful than it is. I think it's 140 nibs per tin.

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                    Love those nibs! I have to pick a tin on my next visit to TJs ,so that I can stop snacking on my current favorite snack, the Lindt chocolate bar with hazelnuts.

                  2. For the US audience, Kit Kat Peanut Butter has finally made it ashore.

                    I had it a bunch in Europe, but could never find it here, until last week in Queens. It's...not a snack to OD on for sure, but eh, all I need is a Crunchie and a Flake and that'll be good for the rest of the year.

                    1. I have recently rediscovered Snyder's Pretzel honey mustard and onion bites which are insanely addictive.

                      1. A new one this week: Doritos Dinamita


                        Little rolled, heavily seasoned tortilla chips. Crunchy as all get out, would go great with dip if I could stop eating straight from the bag. Must go back to Walmart tonight for more....

                        1. Trader Joe's Crunchy Curls..."a tasty lentil & potato snack". I love them & at dd's recent birthday party, the 13 yr olds couldn't get enough (along with TJ's blood orange soda).

                          1. I love the pretzel M&Ms.

                            1. I saw the Milan Slices with toffee but pretzels sound much better. I am in love with Everybody's Nuts sweet chili pistachios and Takis hot chili pepper and lime corn snacks. Both are crazy good.

                              1. Sichuan-style flavored peanuts. O.M.G.

                                1. Taramosalata with everything pretzel crisps. It's salt on salt on salt: my weakness. Whipped feta with jalapeno is also devilishly good.

                                  1. These funwari cheese mochi balls. They put all other cheesepuffs to shame. A texture unlike anything else!

                                    1. I cringe in fear of judgment . . . but I am eating Rudolph's Mix, an Archer Farms concoction of M & Ms. white and milk chocolate covered Cheerio-type cereal, peanut butter cups, etc. I am glad this is a limited edition product.

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                                        Archer Farms = Target, right? Cause I need, NEED some of that! ;)

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                                          Speaking of Archer Farms, I am currently obsessed with the dill cashews and black pepper/salt cashews. I had to put them in baggies so I could limit my grabbing.

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                                            Target, yes. I should have specified.