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Nov 30, 2012 05:18 AM

Iraqi pastries-Where to find locally?

My brother who is staioned in Iraq just sent a box of Iraqui sweets, some w nuts and other with maybe coconut? Anyway my co-workers went crazy for the goodies. Seemed very Greekish or Lebanese like in nature. Anyone know of any Iraqui bakeries in NYC? Willing to travel to outer borroughs.

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  1. You will have better luck looking on Atlantic avenue in Brooklyn than anywhere in Manhattan.

    1. If Brooklyn is a problem, you might try the pastries at Kalyustian's (sp?) on Lexington, which is Muslim/Indian, but which carries a wide range of Middle Eastern and Asian foods and spices. There are similar stores in that same "Little India" area on Lex.

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        Of course, how silly of me. Gary is spot on.