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Nov 29, 2012 11:31 PM

War/Immersion Blender. What is it good for?

For Turkey day I made acorn squash soup. My immersion blender did a beautiful job pureeing it in the soup pot.

Fast forward to dessert. I bought whipping cream for the pumpkin pie. I put the whisk and bowl in the refrigerator, as you're supposed to do. I whipped and whipped and whipped and I got tired whipping. So I got the bright idea to use the (now clean) immersion blender to help me out. It didn't really do a good job and it started smoking. One of my guests said his immersion blender instructions say not to use it for longer than 2 minutes at a time.

What the what?!

Is my immersion blender weak? Or did I choose the wrong tool for the job? (I do not have a hand mixer or I would have used that.)

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  1. Wrong tool for the job. You can use an immersion blender for whipping cream, but only if you have a whisk attachment, and even then it's not that efficient because it's motion doesn't allow for that much aeration and if you move it around too much it splashes all over. Basically, the immersion blender can be used for anything you'd use a blender for, and gives you a little more control over texture, but it's not always possible to use it as a substitute for a hand-mixer. I use mine all the time and have never seen any instruction with a 2 minute time limit. Then again, it would be a strain on the motor to run a blender for more than two or three minutes without pausing, so I wouldn't push the immersion blender too far beyond what a very low-grade full-size blender could do without getting testy.

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      lol. You left out, under War:

      Absolutely nothing. (Say it again, y'all!)

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        heh. My comment was along the same line:

        Here, let me fix that thread title for you:

        War/Immersion Blender. HUNH!! What is it good for?

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        Yes. You don't use a blender for whipping cream, because it doesn't work. Why, then, expect a mini-blender to do it?

      3. My Bamix says to use it for 5 min intervals. I've used it for longer without issues but did feel the motor getting warm with extended use

        1. You need to use the whisk attachment. However, I've found the whisk attachment is not that useful; the rotational speed is too fast, flinging lots of liquids out of shallow containers. Using a tall narrow container helps but results in unevenly whipping due to the shape of the container limiting swirling movement/aeration. A tall and wide container works great but is a hassle to get out and wash.

          1. Thanks all. So the immersion blender is good for /some/ things. but not ALL things.

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