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Nov 29, 2012 08:13 PM

Cantonese CHOWMEET II -Thurs. Nov. 29th - THANKS Charles!

Hey gang!
I just wanted to thank Charles Yu on behalf of the group for arranging this "encore" ChowMeet event.
Personally, it was my very first ChowMeet after many years of antagonizing and annoying others on here, and it was fun to come out and meet some of the gang!

For those who attended, I'm James, the big fella' all in black who sat beside Peppermint Pate - if you're unsure, you can see a photo here:

Others who attended the encore event pleas say Hello!, since we exchanged names, but I only know screen-names, not first names, and feel free to post photos below. :-


Thanks Again, Charles!
...and I'm looking forward to the OMEI Giant Lobster ChowMeet :-)


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  1. Thanks for getting this conversation started Toronto Tips.

    Many thanks to Charles Yu for putting together this encore performance. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company. Charles did a terrific job organizing the menu, welcoming each of us, coordinating things with the restaurant staff and describing each item. Every item was a winner, but the perfectly cooked Grouper with yellowing chives was my favourite.

    It was also my first Chowmeet, but thanks to this experience I am confident that it will not be my last.

    Thanks to all of you who participated.

    Andrew (Uncle Andrew, the guy in the suit)

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    1. re: Amac

      Thank You guys for your kind words!! The pleasure is all mine!! Don't forget, I too shared in the great food and the great company!!
      Ah Yes!! O'Mei Giant Lobster 5 ways Chowmeet!! Give me sometime to rewind before tackling this 'Monster' of a meet!!!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Food pics & menu description, please, Charles :-)

    2. Yes, a great night!
      The highlights for me were the excellent sauce on the pork belly, (I needed more sauce and some rice: ) ), the outstanding Lobster and yes, the Grouper with Yellowing Chives, all excellent. :-) Oh, and the chicken was great, too! Honestly, it all was pretty great - good job Charles. :-)
      Can't wait for next time :-)

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      1. re: TorontoTips

        Mmmm...that pork belly. My table (at the first meet) asked for rice and yes, that sauce rocked with rice.

      2. Ditto for the thanks! Great night Charles!

        1. Another thanks to Charles!

          I am Norm (sitting to the left of Uncle Andrew) if you are trying to figure out from faces, pictures are here ( )

          Here is the flickr set of the best of the photos I shot of the food

          1. Thank you Charles for hosting - not one, but two(!) - dinners to accommodate hungry CH'ers! Realized we should have taken a group shot .. but that involves people in my photos. Scary thought. Good to meet you guys and put faces to handles.

            Photos from the evening are attached (they will be eventually. I did not like the colour (too orange! what the hey?) on them - something's funky with my Photoshop settings *shakes fist*

   -- food. is. love.