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Sep 1, 2005 11:52 PM

BEST BREAKFAST in Palm Springs?

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Who makes the best breakfast in Palm Springs? Looking for those kinda places the local all night partly people love to eat at....OR places with gourmet breakfast and some atmosphere...

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  1. Try Philippe's Cafe on South Palm Canyon.
    Very South of France, great crepes and waffles.

    Also very good, but more "classic American", Billy Reeds on North Palm Canyon. Old Palm Springs...

    For something sophisticated, you could try Spencer's.
    Have a great WE in PS.

    1. More Than A Mouthful!!
      On Tahquitz between Palm Canyon and Indian Canyon.
      Just look for Marilyn Monroe on the sidewalk, you can't miss it!
      Homemade sausage; incredible selection of Benedicts; fantastic pancakes; dog friendly

      1. I loved Manhattan's on the 111 I whent there for my breackfast on 9/30/06 for My birthday. Whent to MATCHBOX on PCD in PS for dinner!

        The Patio Bar is PS! The service is aweful

        1. Philippe’s is wonderful for breakfast and lunch/brunch but they are only open for breakfast on the weekend. Peabody’s is a good local breakfast place on Palm Canyon and Bit of Country is good on Indian Ave. More Than A Mouthful is no longer open.

          1. The original comment has been removed