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Nov 29, 2012 07:28 PM

Eating in Venice with some limitations...

Will be cruising to Venice and there overnight. Would love some recommendations for a lovely dinner for my husband and I and then a place for lunch with my 7 year old step-son. He is a budding foodie with a broad palate (has eaten at Per Se and Can Roca) but he is a kid... We are looking for lots of atmosphere, great views if possible and of course, good food. We can splurge but are not looking to break the bank - maybe 250-300 euros for dinner??

Here are the limitations:

1. I can't eat seafood
2. We will be there July 31-August 1 which I know is when many restaurants are closed...

Any suggestions?

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  1. when you say you cant eat seafood, does that include fish?

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      Yes, that incudes fish too... Yeah, I know. it sucks...

    2. If you can't eat seafood, skip Alle Testiere, Antiche Carampane, Corte Sconta, Al Fontego and Boccadoro. Just about all others mentioned on earlier posts in this board will have some meat/poultry on the menu.
      Unless I am missing something, I don't see a reason why many restaurants will be closed July 31-August 1. Neither are a Sunday or Monday and most restaurants in Venice do not take their annual closing then.
      If your son can sit through a meal at Per Se or Can Roca, you can take him to any restaurant in Venice. As for atmospheric, that can mean so many things: rustic? canal side? unique such as Quadri? It would be helpful if you can be more specific. As for view, the postcard view of the Grand Canal are mostly taken by high-end hotels or ghastly places right off the Rialto Bridge/Santa Lucia.
      For one night that satisfy both seafood and non:
      Bancogiro: sit outside on the loggia with a not quite postcard view of the Grand Canal; fun and festive; food is more creative than traditional.
      Da Pisis in the Hotel Bauer if one must have a the postcard Grand Canal view (probably the best view and nicest terrace). The modern Venetian cooking is quite good; expensive as expected.
      Anice Stellato: a very good moderate trattoria with a friendly staff. If there is no rain, a few tables next to a quiet canal.
      Vini da Gigio: one of the better traditional trattoria; excellent wine list, cozy and friendly staff; no outside tables, no view.
      Al Covo: good all around trattoria with many non-seafood choices. A bit ‘clubby’ with a few tables outside a small campo.