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Nov 29, 2012 07:07 PM

Dinner with hard-of-hearing foodie father

Hello everyone,

I'm sure I can't be the only person on this board with an aging parent whose love for restaurants is being seriously impaired by the onset of hearing loss. My father adores eating out - all kinds of food - but despite his hearing aids it's just gotten harder and harder to find spots where he can be truly active in our conversations (even Corduroy was a recent bust - to our great surprise). BlackSalt has typically been a reliable standby (they have a quieter back room), but I'm looking to expand our repertoire... anyone have any good ideas?

In general, we prefer places in the $60-$100 pp or so range, but nothing so formal as to require a jacket (I'm talking to you, 1789). Other than that - all cuisines welcome.


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    1. re: KeithW

      I hadn't, thanks! Oval Room might fit the bill. But we're pretty much looking to stay within DC.

      1. re: champagne clam

        New Heights
        Palena (dining room)

    2. Hmmmm Corduroy is usually my go-to recommendation for this type of this. The upstairs of Bistro D'Oc might work. Also 701 (although sometimes they have a piano player so ask for a table away from the bar and piano).

      In general it might also help to go on non-peak times---for example even the most laid back, quiet restaurant will probably have a bit of a buzz at 8pm on Saturday.