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Nov 29, 2012 07:01 PM

Chinatown for a large group

We are looking for a restaurant in or near Chinatown for an early Saturday dinner. There will be 11 of us including 3 kids. I was thinking that Cafe 456 might work. Any other suggestions? Many thanks.

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  1. Maybe the Peking Duck House

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      A big dim sum palace (eg Jing Fong on Elizabeth) has no problem absorbing 11 people. Slightly more upscale, Ping's (on Mott) also takes large groups and consistently gets high ratings. They have both a smaller veresion of dim sum ( eg minced shrimp in dumpling wrapped in crisp bacon) and a regular menu at lunch (including diced squab with veggies in a crepe). They might be a little more expensive than Cafe 4-5-6.

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          1. I often have large parties at Congee Village on Allen St., the latest last week. They have several private rooms, the food is mostly delicious (especially the garlic chicken and the seafood ) and a full bar (most rare in Chinatown). They also take reservations on the phone, even in English! I heartily recommend them. And there are always tons of children.
            Count on about $35 a head for lots of food and relatively heavy drinkers, less is less is drunk. they do have good lichen Martini's.