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SF Dish of the Month (Dec 2012) - Voting

Here are the candidates for SF Dish of the Month December 2012.

Everyone is welcome to vote once by writing your choice in ALL CAPS. You can vote even if you didn't participate in the voting round.

I narrowed the nominations down to the following....but if there's a major omission, you can write it in (and I will then add it to the list here)

But the most popular choices appeared to be:








Voting will be open until midnight on Dec 1!

Dave MP

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                  1. I don't know if the voting thread is the appropriate place to ask questions, but we're here now. I'm curious about the crab with salted egg--is it a common prep that I haven't really noticed. I've gotten pumpkin fried in salted egg yolk batter at several (Hakka, Golden River, Ming's Diner, others less memorable) restaurants and was wondering if the crab prep is common to many restaurants. I love crab and a simple google tells me this is available at Hakka and Penang Garden. Any other great spots?

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                      Tough choice this month! Regarding the crab with salted egg, on these boards it's been eaten at:
                      Brother Seafood Restaurant
                      Yum's Bistro
                      Hong Kong Flower Lounge

                      On a few other websites, diners or menus list it at the following:
                      Dragon River
                      Sichuan Home
                      R & G Lounge
                      Jumbo Seafood
                      Hong Kong City Seafood Restaurant
                      New Gold Medal

                        1. re: shanghaikid

                          changing vote to CRAB WITH SALTED EGG

                                1. TAMALES (no offense but nearly every month has been an Asian dish)

                                    1. DAN DAN MIAN - now that sunny shanghai is closed :(

                                      1. DAN DAN MIEN, please!

                                          1. CRAB WITH SALTED EGGS because it's crab season.