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Nov 29, 2012 05:03 PM

Venice dining advice to please seafood lover and hubby that is not.

I would love to have some suggestions for restaurants for both lunches and dinners. we have 12 glorious days upcoming in end of January 2013. I adore seafood but hubby does not so I need to find places that we can meet both our needs. Budgets are not issues, I don't need big star dining, prefer local hole in the wall's with terrific food. if anyone has some favorites or ones that are not to be missed I would truly appreciate it. we generally will have big lunches on some days and skip the dinner meal and just have some nice wines and cheeses in place. also a few special occasion suggestions would be great! so very excited and truly appreciate any advice you can offer.


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  1. Ellen,

    Couple of thoughts here - in fact, I'll be back in a few weeks to these very places...

    Osteria alle Testiere is a Chowhound favorite and I visited earlier this year. Small trattoria setting - the kitchen is very noteworthy. Service is very homey and friendly.

    Il Ridotto -another chowhound favorite. Setting is slightly more modern - fabulous meat and seafood selections with wine pairings. Chef Bonaccorsi just knocks it out of the park here.

    I published a post on these places along with some other Venice finds including the Rialto Fish Market (for fresh seafood from vendors) + Bacari (local one-bite delicacies - many right from the lagoon + wine)


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      Greetings from Miami, thank you so much for the kind reply. I will certainly read the threads and make my short list! we are there also during Carnival for part of our vista, any advice? looks like it could be fun and interesting. cheers!

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        Whoa - if your husband dislikes seafood do NOT consider Tiestiere. Yes, a Michelin star but its essentially seafood & seafood exclusively - very very good but I do not believe he will be pleased. Plus, the room is a tight squeeze - only 20+ seats - so he will stare at lots of plates brimming with seafood (perhaps turning green). I loved it but I love fresh, unique seafood. Like Antiche Carampane, as a very good seafood restaurant highly regarded here, your hubby will not be happy in a situation where Venetian fish dishes are the focus.

        Il Ridotto is terrific - many non-fish and inventive choices available and the chef is indeed an artist. Service is great, room is modernistic for Venice but its a good choice for you two as the menu changes daily with inventive and delicious dishes that we found very pleasing.

        I think the best choice for you is Al Covo. Last month, the menu (changes daily) offered duck, steak and guinnea fowl along with unusual seafood at dinner. Dianne and Cesear Benelli, the couple who operate the Al Covo could not be more accomodating and helpful with menu suggestions and wine selection. The food is superb and the atmosphere is very comfortable, not stuffy. Unlike Tiestiere or a number of very good restaurants, Al Covo's two rooms offer considerable space between tables for a nice leisurely less-than-formal experience (you are not crammed in). I think you both will be very happy at Al Covo - fresh seafood selections and plenty of non-fish choices available, great deserts by Dianne.

    2. hi there,
      We are going to Venice at the end of this month as well....have been ther several times. Check out my " ...two resturants not to miss in Venice..."
      hope you have a blast is the best time to go there...there are amazing sales on almost everything!
      have fun..