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Nov 29, 2012 04:27 PM

1950's style restaurant

Looking for a 1950's style restaurant...not a retro-place like Ellen's Stardust, but something that is either an older establishment/time capsule, or a newer place that is a time warp.

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  1. Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop- Fifth Ave and 22nd definitely a time capsule. it hasn't changed it's decor or menu for many decades. Katz' s Deli also looks the same ( and saves the same food) as it has for many years.

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      B&H Dairy could be a good place too... it's been around for about 65 years, placing it's opening in late 1940s. Hasn't changed much since it opened.

        1. Grand Central Oyster Bar is pretty timeless. Stick with the food at the counter.

          Peter Luger's too is the same now as many decads ago.

          Nom Wah tea parlor.

          Heidelberg, on the UES.

          1. Keens always comes up in these posts, and righfully so. pre 50s though.

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                While some of the places being suggested have been around for some time( like Keens) my sense was that the OP was looking for places with a 1950's vibe, not just places that have been opened since the 50's.

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                  I agree. If the OP just wanted Old, he/she would have asked for Old. Not '50s.

                  The Four Seasons has a very Early '60s vibe. But I don't think it's what the OP is looking for.