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Nov 29, 2012 02:31 PM

Recruiting lunch downtown Vancouver (near Burrand Station)


I'm trying to find a private room in a restaurant in downtown Vancouver, walking distance from the Hyatt hotel.

It should be able to accommodate 50 people and ideally not too expensive.

Can anyone recommend a place??

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  1. more details?
    what level of recruiting - admin or exec?
    i can't imagine a cheap lunch downtown for 50.
    for group service, it sounds like staying in the hotel would work best - plus nobody has to go out in the rain and get their recruiting outfit / hair etc all soaking wet.

    or maybe the cafe at the art gallery can serve you - check it out here - it would be noticeable to potential employees (recruitees) -
    you would have to walk about total distance of 3 city blocks from main entrance of Hyatt.