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Nov 29, 2012 02:34 PM

I'm still alive!

Since people often wonder and worry about expiration dates and food viability, I'd like to report that I am still alive and well, after eating the contents of two cans (tuna and cannellini), 2-3 years past expiration, and some frozen vegetables that had been thawed and re-frozen as a result of Hurricane Sandy. I'd heard to never use re-frozen meat, but that vegetables were all right.

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  1. You need to read through this thread:

    We are all survivors!

    (RIP in Sam F.)

      1. In your honor I'm eating a tube of GoGurt that expired on December 06, 2009.

        1. Well you certainly took things to the extreme by eating tuna 2 years past expiration but kudos to you.

          I too am still here and have yet to get sick from eating food past expiration dates and food that sat out all night. I routinely leave pizza out of the fridge and eat it the next day and violate other so called rules of food safety. The question on this site recently about whether the salmon that was left out 45 minutes was still safe blew my mind.

          Glad you're ok.

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            If it weren't for pizza that sat in the box overnight, I probably would have had very few breakfasts while I was in college.

          2. Happy to report that I've shown no ill effects from consuming roasted pork shoulder, and chili, that had been made at least two weeks earlier, more like two and a half. Out of town trip was longer than I have to deal with some broth that has been covered by a layer of fat that whole time, wish me luck!