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Nov 29, 2012 02:34 PM

husk- too salty, thumbs down

after the insane amount of press around husk, i didn't get my hopes up too high, but was anxious to try it. we went for a late lunch today. starting with the bread basket, the top of the rolls with benne seeds were so overly salted, we left them untouched. next up, the fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese and prosciutto was just ok while the smoked oyster stew with carolina rice was actually the stand out of the meal. next up, the shrimp and grits- the sausage in this dish made it so salty, totally took away from dish. the side dish of mustard greens- totally inedible due to saltiness from surry sausage. when we mentioned this to waiter, he just said he would try to tell chef. the cornmeal crusted catfish was tasty, with a bean and corn mixture underneath, but at this point we were so overly salted, nothing could really be enjoyed. as for the bacon corn bread- didn't see or taste any bacon, it was dry as a bone.

was it an off day in the kitchen? are we missing something? in no hurry to return

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  1. We had a long-anticipated dinner at Husk on a trip earlier this year and I had the same response. I have been working in Richmond, Virginia, for over a year now and have gotten used to the amount of salt used in some southern restaurant cooking but the saltiness of the food at Husk made it inedible. Of the six appetizers and entrees I ate or tasted, five were salted to ruin. I remember thinking, "If I had cooked this dish for friends coming over I would be running around my kitchen now looking for a quick replacement." It was a terrible disappointment.

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    1. re: guyacrossthehall

      That wasn't our experience. We had several dishes and none were oversalted.

      1. re: Tom from Raleigh

        I wonder if there is a "salt-chef" that works alternate nights? ;-) We didnt' notice anything over salted either. Funny thing...I thought the cornbread was disgustingly greasy...not dry. I haven't been this whole year , though....having better luck at McCrady's.

        1. re: danna

          I have to agree on the salt. We had lunch there a while back and my side of greens was so inedible even salt-loving hubbie couldn't eat it. We left it almost untouched. Still, the other opinions make me want to give it another try.