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Nov 29, 2012 02:05 PM

Sala on Hudson in Croton

Well not exactly on the Hudson, but I just noticed a new Spanish tapas restaurant opened in the strip mall between Capriccio II and Dunkin Donuts. Menu looks interesting, but kind of expensive especially given the location. Has anyone been there or heard anything about it?

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  1. Went there the other night and was not impressed. The sangria was tasteless, the shrimp in garlic sauce was swimming in oil, the paella I had was a tomato based sauce (couldn't taste any saffron) and badly needed some seasoning and my DW's skirt steak was also lacking any flavor. Also the brussel sprouts that came with her dish were supposed to be cooked with bacon, and she didn't taste any, plus they were burnt. The only glimmer of light was our friend's pork chop, but even that could have used more seasoning.

    For the price point they are charging, the food should be way better!

    1. is this where the Tapas restaurant had been previously?? nearish to Zeytinia?

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      1. I am curious if anyone else has been here. ltlevy's report was so dismal I was going to skip it, but the restaurant got a nice writeup on Westchester Eats blog and evidently the owners run 2 restaurants in Manhattan (including Sala One Nine, on 19th), which makes one hope this place would be decent!.

        Also, I was surprised to see the two comments about this place being expensive for the area. The entrees are $18 to $23, which is on par with Memphis Mae's across the street and in general is cheaper than most of the places we frequent in the area (I'd say most have entrees up to the low $30's). So, I am curious what cheap restaurants in the area I am missing! Ideas?

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          I wouldn't skip it, try it for yourself. While I haven't tried it yet myself, I have plans on doing so. This place just recently opened so I think we have to give it a chance.

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            I am curious to hear other reviews also. Although the entree prices are high average, I think the tapas prices are high--we would probably want to have several tapas, which with drinks (tasteless sangria) would add up...And for me, unless the food is fabulous, the ambiance of it's location in a random strip mall does not warrant a triple digit dinner out. As far as cheap eats in the area, I like Doca's, Churrasqeira Ribatejo, El Tambo, Los Abuelos...And, an off-topic comment: I HATE this new CH format!

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              Tapas often adds up... in fact, the better places can end up pretty pricey for a whole meal.
              No one said they (Sala) were supposed to be "cheap eats" did they?

              the question is: is it GOOD?

          2. We went last night for the first time and it was okay but decidedly mixed. But we only had a few things, so not a fair test. We had two tapas, the queso de cabra and the leeks in romescu sauce, both of which were really very good. The leeks had great texture and the sauce was very tasty. Then we had the seafood paella for two, which was not good. The seafood was mixed in quality and the rice was overcooked and completely missing the saffron and seasoning that makes it paella--it was bland, by any measure. We had four glasses of wine (which were pricey at $11 a pop), and the total came in just over $100. The room is pleasant enough but a bit noisy (though it was pretty crowded) and the service was fine if a little over eager. I think we'll try it again and stick to the tapas, but I'm in no great rush.

            1. We tried it a couple of times and the food isn't nearly as good as their Manhattan restaurants. If this place was in the city, it would probably go out of business, however for Northern Westchester, it isn't terrible. The scallops were way too small for their $14 price tag. The tortilla espanola could use more flavor. We'll probably go back but wish the wine list was better, the food was better and more value for the price. Perhaps the chef could take a trip to Tia Pol in the city and replicate that experience for us up here. Maybe it will get better with time!