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Nov 29, 2012 01:40 PM

Last question before my trip (foie gras & Charcuterie)

Could you guys list some place in London for either of these two things? They are my two favorite things to eat. I don't have specific areas but if you need to get more specific just think of your best experience with either one and list it.

Thanks again for everyone's help!! We leave on Monday!!

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  1. Charcuterie: Brawn, or Bull & Last

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    1. re: astereilla

      For late lunch on tuesday do u think id need a res for bull and last?

      1. re: muushupork

        I've just looked online and there are plenty of reservations around 2pm this coming Tuesday.

        You could book it here if you wanted but on a Tuesday lunchtime I'd imagine you'd be absolutely fine just showing up.

        1. re: ManInTransit

          Thanks again man!! Didnt want to stress a res because of travel time from heathrow.

    2. Charcuterie - Bar Boulud (portions bit small though), the Almeida in Islington has for a long time had a charcuterie trolley as a starter option. Bruce Poole of Chez Bruce has also always had a good reputation with charcuterie.

      Although it might make more financial sense just to raid a decent deli and but the stuff retail. Selfridges Food Hall perhaps?

      Foie gras is much of a muchness - you get decent stuff anywhere. I guess Club Gascon are the closest thing to a "specialist" with multiple offerings on the menu. If you want the raw materials Wyndhams Poultry in borough market or fulham will do you a whole raw fg for £25.

      1. Ferdinand & Wells in Soho (or South Kensington, esp. if you're visiting and going to V&A) is a nice place for a glass of wine and some treyf, but what they have on offer is what you could buy at a good deli, same goes for Brindisa (though they have loads of spanish hams as well).

        Otherwise, Hix, and Bar Boloud.

        1. Terroirs is a great central option for charcuterie and interesting wine.

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          1. re: ManInTransit

            Thanks for the suggestions everyone!!

            1. re: muushupork

              What's your final itinerary looking like?

              Look forward to hearing the trip report.

              1. re: ManInTransit

                After going back over everything and getting the gf to fess up to any real reservations she might have with the choices, the itinerary seems final.

                On the 4th we will try to either make it to the Bull & Last for lunch before going to Bham or we will find something around Euston Station ( Im hoping for tapas at the tapa room or Indian at Trishna ) but gf is expecting flexibility considering we have a train to catch at 8:23pm and hope to check out the wallace collection and do some shopping as well.

                On the 5th we are going to Bham and just walking around, probably going to get a balti or just something quick at a grocery store.

                On the the 6th of Dec. we will travel to Ludlow and have brunch at the cafe at the mill on the green, hopefully no res needed but if so Ludlow has a nice area around castle for places to eat. Also on the way from Ludlow to Stokesay we will stop at the Ludlow food centre.

                On the 7th we are going to Bath and will have lunch at Sotto Sotto and on the way back to Bham from Bath we will stop in Cheltenham to have dinner at Lumiere ( saw a blog about this one and the food looked gorgeous ).

                On the 8th we are going for a festive lunch at Annexe in Bham with my grandparents ( GF demanded a Christmas menu at some point in the trip but it looks great too ).

                On the 10th we will all have an afternoon tea at the fourteas in Stratford upon Avon. We hope to have a nice dinner but figure its all about touring and discovery.

                When we end up back in London we have eliminated some things and added others

                On the 14th we will have lunch at Roganic, originally had planned this for the day we arrived but wanted to be sure we could enjoy and felt the stress of travel and making it on time would be too much.

                On the 15th its going to be a very busy day, we plan on having fresh doughnuts from st. john at 9am, and am hoping to have bfast on the way there in borough market ( maybe a fry-up at Marias? ) after doughnuts though its straight back to borough market for more gluttony and shopping. I also have set up a sort of walking tour of shops and chocolatiers for the afternoon.

                On the 16th we will go to the columbia road flower market and then have a sunday roast at the Hawksmoor in spitalfields. Also dinner either near Greenwich Observatory/Park or somewhere around Tower Hill Tube ( GF wants to do the Jack the ripper walk ).

                Last full day will be the 17th and we have a res for a full english at Hawksmoor Guildhall and gf really wants the pancakes with roasted plums. Last but not least will be dinner at The Ledbury at 6:00pm ( Tasting Menu ).

                Thanks again for your help ManInTransit. Ill try to take good notes but might end up just doing a lot of pictures and going off memory.

                1. re: muushupork

                  Not at all. Have a great trip, eating and otherwise.

                  And don't worry about notes on our account. Just good to hear people's overall impressions. The St John exploding (ejaculating?) donuts will change your life.

                  1. re: ManInTransit

                    Is it wrong to fantasize about that?

                    Have you ever had a hot n ready Krispy Kreme doughnut?

                    1. re: muushupork

                      I never have no. Not seen them in England so St John is the zenith of my donut experience!

                      1. re: ManInTransit

                        It could still end up being mine. Krispy kreme is an american chain for donuts. Im lucky enough to live very close to one of the ones that ships out to the surrounding area and is open 24 hours. At certain times a big neon sign lights up and u can get a fresh glazed (not the cake kind) pulled off of the line as it comes through the glazer. It will melt in your mouth. Its a different kind of donut though and they dont make the custard filled ones hot like that. Im thinking st johns will be at least equal to them.

                        1. re: muushupork

                          They have Krispy Kreme here as well -- actually available at most supermarkets (in London anyhow). The difference is we don't have the fresh KKs (though there used to be (or is) one at Harrods).

                          1. re: brokentelephone

                            Its such a huge difference. They actually use to give away free samples to get you hooked.

                            1. re: muushupork

                              I was a bit excited when Krispy Kreme first came to the UK. I almost gagged when I saw what they were charging at Harrod's, so ended my love of those donuts right then and there. I still miss my local Dunkin' Donuts...

                              1. re: zuriga1

                                they have drive ins called hotlights dotted around the outskirts of towns where they bake fresh, never been myself, nearest to London is Shannon corner just off New Malden


                                re muushupork: your giving yourself lots to do on the 15th, instead of going to borough mkt twice start at maltby, fill up on donuts and eccles cakes (what st johns are famous for) for breakfast, sure there will be other treats available nearby as well, get some coffee from monmouth etc

                                1. re: damien76

                                  Thanks.. handy to know. I think my best best is the Bentall's in Kingston. I shop there every once in awhile.

                                  1. re: damien76

                                    Sounds like a plan damien, Ill probably need to sleep in a lil by then anyway. Didn't consider the eccles cakes either so Ill have to try that out!!

                                  2. re: zuriga1

                                    Here you get a dozen glazed for $7.99. Thats roughly 5 pounds right?

                      2. re: muushupork

                        <<On the 15th its going to be a very busy day, we plan on having fresh doughnuts from st. john at 9am, and am hoping to have bfast on the way there in borough market ( maybe a fry-up at Marias? ) after doughnuts though its straight back to borough market for more gluttony and shopping. I also have set up a sort of walking tour of shops and chocolatiers for the afternoon.>>

                        I don't know if you know this, probably you do given the itinerary, but just in case, you can get your St John's doughnuts and lots of other tasty treats at Maltby Street Market, which is a 15 minute walk from Borough Market, less if you are a fast walker.