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Nov 29, 2012 12:43 PM

Lunch at Tao in Brunswick, Maine

Went with friends and had a wonderful lunch. I had the Bahn Mi which was just terrific with the tenderest of pork and a lovely dipping sauce, delicately seasoned. The Green Thai Curry Mussels were an enormous hit. Big, gorgeous mussels, not the usual little rope grown babies. The mussels were served in a lovely and abundant green curry sauce with carrots,potatoes and thai basil that my friends used to finish off their bowls of rice. Another had the Beef Pho and said it was delicious. We began with a fabulous Asian slaw and a bowl of really, really good miso soup.
The menu changes elements often so look online at Lovely ambience and excellent service. A visit at the end of the meal by the chef owner was an unobtrusive bonus. Looking forward to going back for dinner.

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    1. Just ate there over the 4th. Our table did the tasting menu.

      It was hands down one of the best tasting menus I've ever had. 17 courses and no "misses" - and only 1 that was "only good", everything else being great.

      I highly recommend it if you're in the area looking for something great. She's been getting a lot of great press and recognition lately too (if you don't want to believe me).

      PS - they had to change their name from the original post, I'm told after a lawsuit letter from Tao in Vegas . . . .