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Nov 29, 2012 12:42 PM

Best chorizo in Oakland ?

Looking for some good freshly made chorizo in Oakland. Any suggestions ?

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  1. Check out Taylor's Sausages at the Housewive's Market in old Oakland

    907 Washington St
    (between 10th St & 9th St)
    Oakland, CA 94607

    They usually have fresh chorizo (they also have the best boudin blanc).

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    1. re: kungful

      Taylor's chorizo is very good, and I agree that there boudin blanc is great. I stuffed some in a pork loin and smoked it on the Weber for Thanksgiving. The drippings made a great gravy too.

    2. I haven't tried the chorizo, but the butcher counter at Super Mercado Mitierra on Fruitvale is good.

      1. Mi Tierra at 2082 San Pablo Ave has wonderful chorizo.

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        1. re: dcfb

          If we're including Berkeley, the best chorizo I've had recently was from Fifth Quarter, at the Saturday farmers market.

        2. Try the search function: "chorizo crawl" and check all years.