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Nov 29, 2012 12:30 PM

Looking for a smash cake for 1 year old birthday

I'm looking at getting a smash cake for my son's 1 year birthday party. Any suggestions of where to get one in Toronto? Preferably either close to Bayview & Eglinton (as far east to Don Mills and as far west to Yonge) or in Woodbridge/Vaughan as I can get my friends or in-laws to pick it up there.

I'm not looking at getting anything fancy or too pricey (after all, he's just going to smash it...& hopefully get some of it in his mouth and not just all over his face!) as I'll be getting cupcakes and fruit for the guests.


PS: By smash cake I mean the slightly small single-layer cakes, not the chocolate shell that looks like a cake and you smash it to get the candy inside.

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  1. Just did it on the weekend. To save money as cake is going to be destroyed, my wife found a cake tin on amazon that becomes a giant cupcake. Imagine the proportions are the same as a cupcake but it stands about 8 inches tall.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I'd prefer not to clutter my kitchen with these kind of gadgets that I'm pretty sure I'll never use again, but I'll definitely keep this as my contingency plan!

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        I understand. It was on craigslist the next day...

    2. I believe they have them at the Chocolate Messenger on Bayview south of Eglinton

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        Yeah, I'm pretty sure they making only those "chocolate pinatas", and that's the type of smash cake I don't want to have.

      2. Just make sure the adults have a good time. A 1 yr old will not remember any of it anyway. If you're not going to eat it,simply buy a box at the supermarket and add an egg & water and stick it in the oven.

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          Apparently if you order a cake from a bakery, most will make a smash cake, if you request it, to go along with the regular cake. Why don't you call Phipps or Dufflet?

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            My vote would be cake mix (organic if you must) and whipped cream "icing" - easy and not too sugary..