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Nov 29, 2012 12:09 PM

Coming to Beijing from Boston this Sunday-Thursday. Please help refine research.

I’m going to Beijing for business for 5 days next week. Staying at the Fairmont Beijing (8 Yong An Dong Li; Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue; Chaoyang District) and will probably be eating alone at least a few nights, and possibly a lunch. One night I know I’ll be tired after hiking The Great Wall. Have done research below-but don’t know distances, comfort quotient for a solo female,best things to eat, etc. I love spicy, definitely want the Peking duck and noodles. I appreciate design but food quality is more important. Price is not such an issue if it’s good. Would love advice on places that are close to the hotel and where it’s comfortable for a solo diner. Huge thanks in advance.

• Peking Duck -- Made in China or Dadong Kaoya?
• Hotpot --Haidilao or Little Lamb
• Sichuan – Chuanban or Feitang Yuxiang ( poached fish in hot chili oil, or shuizhuyu )
• Dumplings -- Dintaifeng (went to one in Shanghai). Is there another better place?
• Yunan – I understand the courtyard in a cool hutong is a big part of the appeal. Would it be comfortable in winter? IS the food really good? Would I feel awkward eating there alone?
• Xinjiang/ Crescent Moon -- lamb kabobs, buns, yogurt, black beer (what is that?)

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  1. Hope this is not too alte, but since you did not receive any other responses: I visited the city a while back as a solo female. Although being seated alone at a large round table takes a bit of getting used to, I received excellent service from most places on my list and at a few places I was treated exceptionally well. I ordered the duck at Da Dong Kaoya and Made in China and although both were outstanding, I would give the edge for the meal to Da Dong. There are several branches (I ate at Dongcheng) so perhaps get responses as to which would currently be the best to visit. My meal there was simply outstanding! If you plan to order a half duck, you should reuqest that when you book.

    My visit was a few years ago, but for what its worth, here is my report: