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Nov 29, 2012 11:16 AM

Pittsburgh French/Steakhouse Recommendation

Hi all,
Headed down to Pittsburgh next week and I'm hoping for some good recommendations for a good French restaurant or steakhouse in the downtown area. Budget isn't really a consideration, just a tasty meal. Thanks!

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  1. Alas, French fine dining has left the city with the closing of Le Pommier. However, I'd recommend Cafe du Jour on the Southside. Be aware that while prices are reasonable, portions are small - a lot of Pittsburghers hate that, but I don't mind. Tiny kitchen so sometimes there's a wait between dishes, but it's good. Alternatively you can go with The Carlton, which is more classic white tablecloth, excellent (and fairly priced) wine list. I suppose the niche is less French than 'contemporary Continental' if I had to categorize it. Nothing really innovative, but the kitchen is top notch and service impeccable.

    1. I'd point you away from Paris 66.

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        Yeah, I haven't heard a ton of positive on Paris 66 for dinner, but I do think it's a nice spot for breakfast/brunch and the macarons are terrific.

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          Have heard that Bridge Ten is pretty good but heard the chef just left.