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Nov 29, 2012 10:59 AM

Your favorite recipes that use ground almonds?

I made Mexican wedding cookies as favors for my wedding this past August, and I stocked up on ground almonds at Trader Joe's. I now have a lot left and am looking for suggestions on how to use them up. I've found surprisingly few recipes, other than a few various tortes/German cakes and some cookies, that call for them. A lot of tart crusts call for some ground almonds, but only a few tablespoons, and I'd love to get rid of a lot of them in one fell swoop. Any recommendations for recipes would be appreciated!

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  1. Ar you looking only for Baking Recipes? I'm not a baker, so I'm sorry to say I cannot be of much help there other than to say some type of shortbread/Sandie cookies/Chinese Almond.

    Have you considered making Pesto Sauce?

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      I'm open to anything, although I recognize that it's more likely for ground almonds to be used in baking than cooking. I will definitely try some pestos, although that won't use up very much of it. I'd love a recipe that called for 1 or 2 cups of the stuff so I can really work my way through what I have left (probably 3 or 4 cups).

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        Depending on the size can use them on roasted meats, e.g., racks of lamb, pork roasts, pork chops......and even fish fillets. Use mayonnaise or Dijon mustard to coat and roll in a mixture of ground almonds and bread crumbs.

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          I second the crusting of meat. I'm gluten-free, so I've done this a lot and it works great. Trout crusted in ground almonds and pan seared in butter is fabulous. Almonds work well with a lot of meats.

          You could also make amaretti cookies. Really easy - basically ground almonds, almond extract, whipped egg whites and some sugar.

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          "I'd love a recipe that called for 1 or 2 cups of the stuff so I can really work my way through what I have left (probably 3 or 4 cups)."

          assuming you bought it in bulk? didn't know TJ's sold it in large portions, like a flour sack?

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            They have bags that have a few cups worth each in them. When I initially bought them I grossly overestimated how much I would need. I bought 3 bags, only ended up using one and a bit. Apparently with wedding cookies a little bit of ground almonds goes a long way.

      2. French Macarons are made with ground almonds/almond flour.

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            Though recipes usually call for a more refined form of almond meal - blanched and finer than the TJ stuff.

            1. I use almond meal, sugar and butter to make press in pie crusts (like a graham cracker crust for cheesecakes and pies and as the binder in all sorts of things. I used in in last night's meat load instead of bread crumbs. Its also a good binder in salmon patties.

              1. Lots of Indian curries call for ground almonds or cashews to thicken the sauces. You can easily use up a couple of cups that way.

                1. I use it in a lot of gluten-free baking including breads, quick breads, pancakes... I recently made a wedding cake with almond meal.

                  ETA: This website has some excellent ideas. I have made several of these recipes. They are not all GF so may be of interest to you. These brownies are delicious...I use butter, not vegan substitute.