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Nov 29, 2012 10:57 AM

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

We are traveling to San Cristobal for a week at the end of December. Does anybody have any updates on restaurants that serve Chiapan specialties? Are there dishes unique to Chiapas we should try?

Also, we especially like chilaquiles for breakfast and are wondering about good breakfast spots where we can get good ones. Does anybody out there have a favorite taco spot? Either tacos of grilled meats or tacos de guisados? Will it be possible to find tacos al pastor and alambres de al pastor?


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  1. Coffee. Good coffee. High elevation, shaded.

    1. We are traveling to San Cristobal for 8 nights in March 2013...Do you have any suggestions on restaurants that you tried out and liked? Any good places to have local coffee?

      Thanks for your reply

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        Our favorite was La Paloma. We tried Fogon; were not impressed. Loved San Cristobal.......

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          If you're interested in good, upscale food as well as good coffee in San Cristóbal, try the restaurant at Tierra y Cielo (


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            Hi....we keep hearing about Tierra y Cielo so will put this on the list to try one evening.....thanks for the suggestion

        2. We had a terrific time in Chiapas! While we enjoyed the food most of it was not outstanding in a noteworthy way. We did some sort of excursion each day we were in San Cristobal so our eating times were somewhat dependent upon that schedule. We found that on some days the options were limited at the times we were eager to eat. We generally prefer casual antojito style meals so our tastes usually reflect that. Our favorite meals were at El Meson del Taco at Crescencio Rosas 26. It's only open in the evening starting at 6:00 p.m. They serve a variety of tacos and alambres. It's very casual and was full of people both times we went. We had the same style of food at Emiliano's Moustache but didn't enjoy it nearly as much. Emiliano's Moustache has more flexible hours though. San Cristobal has an amazing number of international options but we mainly stuck to Mexican food since it was a short trip. We did eat Italian food one day at Restaurante Pizzaria Napoli on Ejercito Nacional 8. It was an outstanding meal. The food was prepared with a lot of thought and care. We had pasta (handmade) and pizza. Everything was delicious. TierrAdentro is a nice place to eat with a large appealing menu but the food was just okay.

          The coffee was generally good everywhere we went. Even our hotel provided good coffee that we could prepare in our room. We usually had Americanos to go at one of the many Yik's around town. It was pretty good but I imagine there's better. We had great coffee one day at a place called Slow Coffee on Real de Guadalupe. It was pricier compared to other places but quite good.

          I was sorry I didn't get to try Doña Ame Tamales at Calle Diego do Mazariego 28 but it was never open when we tried to go. I had read good things about it on the web before our trip. We had also hoped to try the No Name Quesadillas place listed in our Lonely Planet Guide but didn't have a chance to go there either.

          1. thank you for all the good suggestions on food in San Cristobal, we will have 7 nights on our own to try different restaurants...we will for sure try the Restaurante Pizzaria Napoli based on your recommendation. Also the coffee place...and thanks for the heads up on Dona Ame Tamales times they are open....we can check before we go...hope to try el Caldero ...we keep hearing a lot about this place..and we heard that there are some mescal bars open? maybe will try these out too...again thank you for the time you took to answer our questions.