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Nov 29, 2012 10:18 AM

slow cooker one pot meals

I will be starting to work evenings and want to do some slow cooker meals. I know this has been covered a lot, but I want to narrow it down to meals that are one pot. ie. add starch in at end, or contain the starch (like lentil soup, chili, stew). I am interested in things with brown rice especially. I have done very little slow cookering. I have a lot of venison sausage (raw and cooked) as well as ground and stew meat, so bonus points for using that up. I am looking for specific recipes as I am well versed at throwing stuff together, but need to be more organized than that. My SO does not usually like legumes, but he actually has a favourite slow cooker meal of lentil soup, I think the difference is that they cook down to almost mush and the soup is highly flavourful with cumin, coconut, carrots etc. So I am willing to try more. TIA

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  1. I recently added this black bean stew to my rotation and I LOVE it. I can't remember where I saw the recipe so it may very well be here. It would help you use your stew meat and maybe even the sausage.