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Nov 29, 2012 09:25 AM

New Chinese (Hong Kong Style) in Chantillly

This is in the shopping center on Rt 50 where the Shopper's used to be (and an Aldi is coming).

It is called Taste @ Hong Kong

Did not eat there - found it after lunch. But I went in to check it out. They were serving some great looking noodle dishes. The menu has good looking noodle soups and BBQ as well as other good eats.

I plan to try it soon, but thought maybe some people were like me and unaware that it opened a week or so ago!

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  1. Thanks for the great tip!

    1. I am excited as it may mean no longer driving to Annandale /Falls Church.
      Thanks for the heads up.

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      1. re: allicam

        Yes, we were excited when 100 Degree opened down 50 in Fairfax, but my last meal there was mediocre at best.

        1. re: Bob W

          Interesting Steve - I've wanted to try 100 Degree for awhile but keep making excuses to go to tried and trues. Such as it is for the Resto biz.

          We do need to go to Chantilly over the coming weekend, so one or the other will be on my list.

          1. re: Dennis S

            There's some interesting places near that location. Behind that shopping center is the large Lotte Plaza. The Chettinad place Karaikudi is next to it, and there is another Punjabi place inside the Lotte at the food court that has very good reviews.

            1. re: dpan

              I am a big fan of Karaikudi. I have only been for the lunch buffet. But i have been several times and almost nothing on the buffet was a repeat. All are interestingly and uniquely spiced. Really wonderful and different food!

              1. re: MarietteB

                I've only been there once for lunch. All I can say is that stuff is SPICY! Much different than the usual Indian offerings you find around here.

                1. re: MarietteB

                  Y'all have to get there at night. Try the kottu porotta at Karaikudi...yum.

                  Thanks for the head up on the HK place. Will check it out as soon as I get the chance.

            2. re: Bob W

              Yes, I would have to agree with you.

          2. Ok, we tried Taste @ Hong Kong Saturday night. Here is the rundown:

            Overall, the food is a bit bland for my taste but for my family it worked out very well. We got very good service, and the food is well prepared and attractive. It just doesn't pop, at least the stuff we tried. Some might also find it a little on the pricy side.


            Shrimp wonton soup. My kids each got a bowl. The broth was tasteless, but they loved, loved, the wontons, which were plump and delicious. So much so that we got a full bowl, which has ten wontons and a couple baby bok choy. We will definitely get this again. But just ignore the broth.

            Shrimp fritters -- this is not on the online menu so I'm not sure of the exact name but it's in the appetizer section of the menu. Sort of a dim sum-type item, very good.

            Pan-fried dumplings: Standard

            Sizzling seafood with mixed vegetables: a very attractive dish, including some crispy rice, well-cooked seafood (shrimp, scallops, squid, and fish), and mushrooms and other veggies. Definitely in the "comfort food" category.

            Beef chow foon, dry fried: This was pretty disappointing. The dish looked good, but was quite bland. The chow foon section of the menu is pretty large, including the intriguing "Good Luck Chow Foon," so we will keep exploring.

            Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce: this was excellent. The stalks were crisp yet tender.

            We didn't order the most adventurous things, to make sure my kids would have enough to eat, but next time my son, at least, will just get a full bowl of shrimp wonton soup so we won't have to worry about him.