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Nov 29, 2012 09:09 AM

Will my tart or galette get soggy if I make it the day before?

I'm wondering how far in advance I can bake a savory tart or galette without it getting soggy or otherwise unpalatable. Below are some of the recipes I am looking at. I think they will all be ok to be served at room temperature. They will be served as part of a buffet for an open house.

Ideally I like to do as much as possible the day before so making them the day before would be ideal. Second best would be to make the doughs and fillings the day before and bake them the day of the party. (I’m trying to avoid having to do a lot of work during the party. A few years ago I was able to get everything done in advance and all I had to do was replenish the platters and crockpots during the party. Boy did that do good things for my stress levels!)

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  1. Yes the crust will not nearly be as crispy as fresh from the oven but I don't think that will impact the overall taste. I have made that onion/leek tart and it is wonderful!

    I made apple tarts the day before Thanksgiving and served them slightly reheated, The outside crust were much crispier than the bottom but they still tasted amazing and I did not feel the less than crispy bottom impacted them at all.

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      Tip,maybe will work.I do this often so care with the top edge is natural for me.
      If I am going to use the next day,remove from tin to parchment and or baking stone to rewarm.
      It is easier when I remember to put a helper hand,strip of aluminium foil between the crust and pan.Things that are baked blind or free form are easier to handle and usually rewarm a bit better.
      Your recipe links show all three methods and I think are firm enough to handle with ease.

    2. Before filling, brush egg whites on the crust. This will help seal it from the filling's juices.