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Nov 29, 2012 09:04 AM

Suggestion needed, replacement for Gelonch?

Hi all,

I am traveling for the first time to Barcelona in January and was very excited about potentially eating at Gelonch. Unfortunately it is closed for two weeks. Would appreciate any suggestions for an alternative that would provide similar quality in food, service, and atmosphere. Either a place that is tried and true or anything newly opened with a lot of potential?

Our original plan was as follows, any other thoughts are most welcome. Especially if you have a better idea for Sunday night. Thanks so much.

Friday night-- Some type of tapas crawl which would include some combination of EUSKAL EXTEA, EL XAMPANYET, El Bitxo, SAGARDI, LA VINYA DEL SENYOR

Saturday night—Dinner at Gelonch (need a replacement)

Sunday night—Tapas 24, maybe a later drink at 41 degrees (assuming they are both open on Sunday)

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  1. Did you check on the Tickets website for reservations? They're still booking for January!

    In terms of Gelonch, maybe you should try Hisop, Alkemia or Cinc Sentits instead.

    Sun night, you could also consider Paco Meralgo.

    We're going in two weeks and our research indicates you may enjoy the above restaurants :)

    1. Sagardi and Euskal Etxea are owned by the same group and serve almost identical pintxos - the standards are identical but Euskal Etxea serves a more varied array of hot pintxos more frequently than Sagardi does and offers a few "nicer" cold options. (So Euskal Etxea could be considered just a more upscale Sagardi) I'd branch out a little and pick one of the two, whichever is more convenient, and then add either a walk over to C/ Merce to Bar Celta and/0r Tasca el Corral OR to one of the smaller two of the three Calas del Vermut on C/ de las Magdelenes. I'd say the vermut is a more interesting and "current" option.

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        Thank you very much for the suggestions and the info on Euskal and Sagardi.

        I think we are going to go with Alkimia as a replacement for Gelonch. Any thoughts?

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          For suggestions on Modern Catalan I'll defer to others on this board - I'm too easily taken in by sardines, sausage with beans and cheap wine to bother most of the time. I only get to visit a couple of times in a good year and I haven't been to either of those restaurants
          I'll also refer you to a blog I've been following - I agree with his assessments of the places we've both visited (and he's been everywhere): (in spanish but the pictures tell the story pretty well, and there's always google translate.)

      2. We loved Alkimia for its modern take on Catalan classics and have recommended it loads of friends who've raved too. Paco Meralgo is one of the few places that everyone's heard of/recommended that's open on a Sun. night so always packed and it's difficult to book - be prepared for a long wait out in the street - just about worth it for the food (wrote a review on this board recently, do a search). Cata 181 is also fun (Valencia, I think), but check on Sunday opening, or there's El Xiringo down in Barceloneta