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Nov 29, 2012 08:55 AM


Has anyone else become way more interested in cooking and found it helps tremendously with an addiction?

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  1. It is now many years since I drank alcohol. I still miss it, particularly with food. I have become more interested in cooking but I don't ascribe that to not drinking. I still use alcohol in a dish when it calls for it and, truth be told, occasionally still look longingly at the bottle sat there on the work surface.

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        Thank you all. You're a sweet soul, Harters.

      2. If you become "way more interested" in any other subject than your addiction it will help.

        1. From my experience with a sister and a hubby who each have addictive personalities, the issue manifests itself in many ways...they've each gone through shopping jags, eBay obsessions, food overindulges and nowadays, internet addiction (especially Facebook).
          As long as they don't decide to take a ride on the alchie train like my ex did, they are welcome to their addictions.
          Hubby has to turn his SS check over to me (he gets to keep some spending money), else we'd never see it through the month. Works for both of us.

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            I agree, jmcarthur8. For me, it's been haunting thrift stores for great clothes with the 50% off colored tag of the week. That started when I realized that Mom had gotten rid of much of my clothing when they weren't sure I was going to make it this last April.

            I've always been interested in cooking. Now, I just have to find creative ways to cook without alcohol, which has proven to be relatively easy. I simply can't have it in the house. For ideas, I use this page:

            I'm a really picky eater, and it's made dining out a bit more difficult, avoiding dishes cooked with alcohol. I've heard both ways on how much is left after cooking (none to most), but for me, I don't want the flavor to trigger any desire to drink again.