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Nov 29, 2012 08:36 AM

Small Pies or Tarts in Boston Area

Hi Everyone,

I am currently planning my wedding which will take place in Boston in October. The wonderful caterer we are using does not have a pastry chef so we need to outsource our dessert selection. We do not want to do a wedding cake, but we thought it might be fun to do small (single serving size) pies or tarts in a variety of flavors. The problem is we are having trouble finding a bakery that will provide this.

Does anyone have any ideas??

Other ideas would be other miniature/small/individual pastries/desserts---like whoopie pies, cannolis, etc. Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Also the bakery doesn't need to be located in Boston proper, just in the Boston area for delivery purposes.

Thank you!

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    1. re: gracenote

      This looks exactly what we are looking for. Their options sound great! Have you tried any of their desserts before?

      1. re: Elyssa

        Actually, I worked there several years ago, under a different owner. At the time the quality was excellent, we made everything from scratch (except the smallest tart shells). I would hope that continues to be the case. When I've looked at the current website it looks like they have a lot of variety. Maybe you could arrange a tasting session and check it out.
        Good Luck, and let us know-

      2. re: gracenote

        For those that might be interested, you should know that Sweet Creations is 100% wholesalers bakery, so they have to work directly with my cater, as opposed to us. It might still work out, but it's not a traditional bakery.

      3. I know this is quite a bit further than Boston but this bakery's mini-tarts are soooo good. Assuming you order enough, I can't see why they wouldn't deliver to your hall or caterer. Good luck planning your wedding, the time will fly after the 1st of the year.

        1. see if the menu at Sofra appeals to you.

          1. Why not do wedding cake looking cupcakes and have a cupcake bakery do them. You could have one of those stands that each cake fit in and have them decorated with pretty colors and maybe some gold leaf or something weddingish. A wedding is such an important occasion that I think it's nice to make some kind of statement and not just a bunch of little pick up pastries. I recently went to a wedding where they had three different cakes. One was a vegan carrot, the other a lemon and the other was chocolate. Something for everyone and they made it look very interesting.

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            1. re: cherrytomato

              We are likely going to have cupcakes at the rehearsal dinner. Plus I think the cupcake wedding cake is a little worn out---we were hoping for something a little more fun and different.

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  That's actually a cute idea. And we could serve milk! Thanks.

            2. did you try Petsie's in Somerville?