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Nov 29, 2012 08:30 AM

where to buy cocktail ice or food-grade ice blocks?

Does anyplace sell Kold Draft cubes or other clear, hard, large, extra-cold ice cubes?

Failing that, who wells food-grade ice blocks that can be sawn down?

Previous topic asking both where to buy and how to make at home got moved to Home Cooking:

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  1. Well, there's SF Ice Company in Bayview:

    45 Williams Ave
    7AM -5PM Mon - Sat
    7AM -1PM Sun

    Their blocks are good, but not really crystal-clear, if I recall correctly. I've only been there for dry ice in recent years.

    I've heard that there's a liquor store somewhere in Berkeley with a wonderful dice-sized cube machine. A guy bartending a private party that I attended a few years ago had these amazing cubes. He wouldn't reveal what liquor store other than to say it was in Berkeley.

    1. Sur la Table sells a nice ice cube mold that makes a large round cube..I have been using distilled water and getting perfect clear cubes for cocktails. It is silicone and 10 bucks for two molds.