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Decent to Good Hotel Restaurant near LAX

I thought I should start a new thread to ask this question. A friend suggested I take one of the airport shuttles to a nearby hotel - are there any with decent to good restaurants? A pleasant place where I can kill part of my eight hour layover. Thank you.

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  1. There are no decent restaurants near LAX, in a hotel or otherwise. However, you can take the trolley to Manhattan Beach and go to MB Post



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      Agree with yogachik. Not one hotel restaurants worth the trip to in LAX area.

    2. no good food available at any of the LAX area hotels.

      1. I think this could work with the Belamar Hotel - it's south of LAX, right on the border of El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. They have a pleasant bar/restaurant with decent wines by the glass and decent enough food. The bar is always quiet and fairly empty, and they don't mind if you hang out and watch TV or use their Wi-Fi for a few hours. Also, it's located right across the street from two major shopping centers - you could store your bags and walk to either. The El Segundo Plaza has a Whole Foods and lots of other shops, and the Manhattan Village has a Sephora and more upscale shops. And a movie theater. In the Manhattan Village is also the Tin Roof Bistro, which has a very nice wine list as well as killer curried spinach and flatbreads.

        This plan isn't the foodiest, but it might provide a nice way to kill your long layover. Have safe travels! :)

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          iirc, the movie theaters at manhattan village died.

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            Ah, right. In that case, the Arclight is about a 10 minute walk down Rosecrans.

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            How would I get to the Belamar Hotel - do they have an airport shuttle?

          3. We are flying into LAX soon later in the evening and I was looking for an airport hotel with a decent bar & restaurant to stay at one night before picking up our rental car in the a.m.

            I decided on the Custom Hotel. It may not be totally chowhound worthy,but the restaurant in the hotel , Deck 33, appears to have pretty good reviews. It also looks like there is a coffee place and at least one other bar within walking distance of the hotel.

            So, I obviously don't know how it will be, but I thought I would share what I came up with.

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              You should check out the new Japanese/American place that features hamburgers, The Humble Potato. Just a half mile N of your hotel: http://www.humblepotato.com/

              CH review here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/875524

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                from what i'm told, the best things within walking distance of the custom hotel are:
                1) Kanpai sushi on lincoln blvd.
                i hear it's good but very pricey for what it is. have not been there personally.

                2) yogalicious--soft serve frozen yogurt by the ounce that is very average as these things go, but the only edible individual-portion frozen dessert within walking distance

                3) the cafe in the Bristol Farms super market that is 1/2 block north and on the east side of lincoln blvd. not as good as Mendocino farms, but Mendocino farms is not walking distance and Bristol Farms is.

                4) coffee bean and tea leaf for coffee. chain.
                imho not as good as starbucks nor as good as peets, but peets and starbucks are not in walking distance

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                  The Custom Hotel is a fun little place, and the bar overlooking the pool is a nice spot. I haven't eaten there since the ownership changed, but I did like it quite a bit before. I'm sure you're aware of it, but the rooms are pretty small. If you can get a room facing the airport, it's kind of cool to see the planes coming and going.

                  Have a good trip!

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                    Thanks for the other tips in the area.

                    No prob if room is small, it is also very cheap for what appears to be a clean boutique hotel.

                  2. For Mariana I guess the question is, do you really have 8 hours to kill? If you are flying into LAX from one airport and out to another later, is one of the legs International? If so it usually takes longer because you either have to clear customs coming in or check in earlier for International flights.

                    If not, there is still baggage claim, etc.

                    All that being said, there really are not what I would call Chow worthy restaurants close to LAX, the restaurants at the Custom Hotel are good, but that isn't a quick ride. Look at the Marriott and Westin as your best bet for close and decent.

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                      Yes, you are right, it isn't really eight hours. I hope my luggage will go through, otherwise it will be even more problematic. I won't be traveling light. Does the Custom Hotel have a shuttle from the airport? On my return I am staying over night at the Westin - if all else fails I will just take the shuttle there and ask the concierge to hold my luggage.

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                        Custom Hotel had to offer a shuttle, which they do, because so many flight crews stay over there. See here: http://www.jdvhotels.com/hotels/losan... and I can't imagine one international flight not transferring your checked luggage directly to the next one without you ever having to touch it on the way to your final destination (but if in doubt check with your Mexico to US airline and see what they tell you).

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                        Both flights are international - coming in from Mexico and going out to the Philippines - ARGH!!