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Nov 29, 2012 07:57 AM

Piermont, NY (Rockland) Devastation

You wouldn't think it, but this rivertown which is a good 25 miles upriver from New York Bay still got inundated with the storm surge! Think of the amazing power of that storm going all that distance and against the normal current!

The 3 really established restaurants just north of town-- Portofino, Cornetta's, and Lighthouse were wiped out. Particularly the latter 2 which are on docks right on the river. These 3 are all real landmarks in the town, they have been there and are well established for 20-30 years.

Any news on if these restaurants will have the means to rebuild? Cornettta's looks like a war zone. Ditto Lighthouse. I saw a blurb in the Patch that there is some hope for Portofino.

I also hear that River Club in Nyack is also severely damaged. Anyone have news as to whether these landmark places are trying to rebuild?

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  1. So awful, the Riverclub had just recently reopened after a pretty extensive renovation too. Their website indicates that they have reopened they also have also posted video footage of Sandy.

    1. That's awful! Anything on the ones not right on the water, like Freelance, Xavier's, etc?

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        They seemed OK on a drive-by. Sidewalk Bistro was closed but looking like work was being done. I hear that the entire block got inundated, the new area was left unscathed, the area by Slattery's, the Bicycle shop and the Italian Restaurant.

        Anyone know the prognosis for Cornetta's and Lighthouse?

        1. re: lemarais

          The Lighthouse posted this on their Facebook page back on November 2nd :

          "The Lighthouse suffered external damage due to loose boats and high tides. But with the help and efforts of our dedicated crew, we will be back and open for business shortly. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. Hope you and your families are safe."

          Not sure if they're open yet, though.

          1. re: legendarystarbolt

            Good news about Lighthouse. Hope Cornetta's is able to rebuild as well. These are landmark places--

            We drove by Lighthouse the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it looked like a war zone. I wouldn't think they would have the place ready until spring...

      2. Just got the following e-mail from the folks at Cafe Portofino:

        Quick Sandy update:
        We will be open any day now. I will send out an update as soon as we know the date.
        Unfortunately, we have not received any assistance from FEMA but we are moving forward anyway.
        We so grateful for all your support and we can’t wait to see our Village full of visitors again as soon as possible.

        Rebuild Today = Enjoy Café Portofino Anytime / Gift Certificates now available online
        Looking for a great holiday gift? How about a “gift certificate” to Café Portofino?
        There is no expiration date. You, your family, friends, co-workers can enjoy it anytime.
        You can now buy a Gift Certificate on our website and we can mail it or we can have it ready for pickup.

        See you soon for some pasta and vino. We can’t wait to see everyone again!

        All our best,
        Jack and Deb
        Café Portofino

        1. Cafe Portofino is now open again. Cornetta's and the Lighthouse are still dark, with the Lighthouse looking still particularly rough around the edges--although that's a nighttime glance from a moving car. Here's hoping they're making progress that's not necessarily visible from the street.