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Nov 29, 2012 07:39 AM

Good Mexican Food in Hoboken?

I found a couple of older posts about Charrito's and Baja in Hoboken but was wondering if anyone has any current recommendations?


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  1. That's it. Taco Truck is good but not really a sit down place for a group.

    1. The Taco truck is my go-to place. I like Charrito's, but not everything I've had was great, while I've never had anything at The Taco Truck that I did not like a lot.

      1. charrito's is probably the best in hoboken, but mostly because there really isn't anything else. taco truck is good, but i think it's quite over priced for the portions. i would rather just go to downtown taqueria in jersey city.

        there are a couple other latin restaurants that are pretty good. cucharamama, la isla, zafra kitchen.

        1. I love Taco Truck, but like someone said it's not really a sit down place (just a couple of tables and counter service).

          Charrito's isn't bad, but a new place called Sabores opened on Washington St between 5th and 6th. I've only been once when some friends were coming into town and we needed a space that could accommodate a big group. They could not have been more accommodating, including asking for feedback since they had just opened that week, and everyone really enjoyed their food.

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            I was wondering about that place. That space has been about 5 different restaurants in the past few years.

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              Yeah, it sort of seems like a cursed spot unfortunately, but if you're in the mood for Mexican I'd definitely give it a try. It seems to be family-owned - I heard it is completely different people from the family who owned the last 2-3 restaurants in that spot. Everyone is very friendly and we enjoyed the food.