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Nov 29, 2012 07:35 AM

Microwave Reheating

Plastic seems to be the material that nobody wants to talk about. Sure, there's all the hubbub about BPA, but there are still traces of it in the "no BPA" labeled products. And then there are folks I know that just reheat in anything, the soup containers from the takeout place, the styrofoam coffee cups, anything that won't get hot! You gotta know that there's carcinogenic stuff leaching into the food that way!

I've personally stopped any reheating in all containers except glass and ceramic. Better late than never, I say. Should get more publicity and attention. And restaurants that reheat with microwaves? What containers are they using?

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  1. I reheat in whatever container the food item is stored in. Usually on a plate, but plastic clamshelled items from the grocery store will find their way in there as well.

    Have never worked in a restaurant that has a microwave but imagine it would be on a plate or something glass.

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      <Have never worked in a restaurant that has a microwave >

      Really? I have seen so many microwaves in restaurant kitchens.

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        Ok I lied a little. I have never been paid to work in a restaurant that has a microwave. The restaurant in Italy where I did a stage did have a microwave, and I never saw it used.

    2. ALWAYS glass or ceramic. About a dozen years ago I heard an interview on NPR with a person from some sort of plastics council and she strongly stated that nothing should ever be nuked in plastic - and her job was to promote plastic!

      And I am very bothered by ordering takeout food that comes in plastic or styrofoam.

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        I will reheat asian food in those small cardboard containers, other than that it always in/on a microwave safe dish.

      2. I don't think it is as bad as many think. It is not good and you shouldn't do it if you can avoid it, but it is not that bad. Now, children and elderly are different, but for healthy adults this is not as bad as many think. Think about all the official bad things which people put in their bodies. Like drinking alcohol. There are so many things which are carcinogens. Drinking alcohol -- cause cancer. Barbecue -- carcinogens. Hot dog and bacon -- carcinogens. Overheated cooking oil -- carcinogens.

        As for restaurants, I am very certain that many restaurants use microwave, and I don't mean they use it once awhile.

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          There will always, in these conversations, be the "cumulative effects" idea lurking in the dark. How many things will each person be able to get away with and for how long? I find it easy to avoid plastic in my food, so I do, and figure that I am one ahead. I can skip hot dogs forever. Turn down that glass of wine? No, sorry. But there are good things in there, too, aren't there???? 8-/

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            <I find it easy to avoid plastic in my food, so I do>

            Absolutely agree, and I do too. I try to microwave in glass or ceramic. However, people should feel too guilty about it if they accidentally ate some plastic microwaved foods. Let's say your friend offered you some foods, and you ate it, and then you later find out that the foods were microwaved in a plastic container. I won't freak out or lose any sleep over it. It is bad, but not that bad.

            < I can skip hot dogs forever.>

            Isn't that the most American (patriotic) food ever? You know. Eating hotdogs in a baseball game. :)

        2. I will reheat in anything at all. I'm 50 years old and have lived dangerously, if I die because I reheated a slice of pizza in the wrong container I won't be bitter about it, I've had a heck of a good run.

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            <if I die because I reheated a slice of pizza in the wrong container...>

            I think your true crime is that you reheat your pizza in a microwave and not an oven. :P

          2. At home I'll put on a dish, but at work that isn't an option so it gets reheated in the plastic container. Eventually I'd like to buy glass storage containers but that's not in the budget at the moment. I wouldn't do styrofoam or the thinner plastic clamshells though.