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Nov 29, 2012 07:27 AM


looking for a cheesemonger within 2hrs drive from OC

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  1. I didn't see your post on the Mid-Atlantic board, or I would have replied earlier. Ocean City's location is about equidistant from several major cities with cheese shops: Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia. Unfortunately, all are more than two hours from OC, although not too much more.

    Probably the closest quality cheese shop to you is Tastings Gourmet Market in Annapolis. If you are willing to drive a little longer to one of the three aforementioned cities, then you have lots of choices. In Philadelphia, there are DiBruno Brothers, Downtown Cheese and the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, as well as several shops in the Philly suburbs. Baltimore has the Wine Source and Atwaters. Washington has Cowgirl Creamery, Arrowine in Georgetown and Cheesetique just outside the city in Alexandria. I can't think of anything worth driving to going south from OC. There's nothing to recommend in the Norfolk, VA area.

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      Thanks for the info & recommendations. Annapolis is an easy Saturday drive, as is Phila; especially for a quality cheese shop.

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        You're quite welcome. In Philly, my top recommendation goes to DiBruno Brothers, which has two locations, both well worth visiting. Its original store is in the Italian Market area, which has lots of other interesting shops. If you go there, also pay a visit to Claudio's, a few doors down. You'll also find the nationally famous Fante's cookware shop a few doors in the other direction. DBB's other location is just off of Rittenhouse Square in central Philly. It was built several years ago at a cost of several million dollars and is a glitzy showcase for all kinds of gourmet foods. Both locations have excellent cheese departments. Downtown Cheese is in the bustling Reading Terminal Market, also in central Philly. It is walkable from DBB's Rittenhouse Square location. It's also worth a visit, but from experience, I think you will get better service at DBB.


      Morgan and Gower, on Baltimore Ave in Rehoboth. They're recently opened. We stopped in Saturday and sampled a few cheeses, and dropped a bunch of coin. Happily.

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        Definitely on the list; just been avoiding Rt1 until post-holidays!
        RB is the closest town to me that qualifys as a 'foodie town'