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Nov 29, 2012 07:10 AM

Center City Snacks

I wanted to start a thread about things to snack on while wandering around center city. Not full meals, just something to tide you over. My thought was, nothing bigger than a slice of pizza - and nothing with waiter service, either. Carts are fine, order at counter and sitdown/take out also fine.
Getting some little snack is something I wind up doing pretty much every time I go downtown. I'll list my suggestions (most of which are pretty obvious), but I'm curious to hear others.

Soft pretzels (incl. millers' at RTM)
ice cream at capogiro
hot dog at underdog (17th and Sansom)
desserts at Miel
canoli from RTM or di bruno's (though I find that di bruno's has fewer other options than I had expected)
for a slice of pizza, i'll usually go w/ Joe's on 16th.
haven't been to federal donut yet, but plan to!

Other thoughts? I really like all of these, but I'm hoping to find new options.

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  1. Chinese buns at KC's Pastries (sweet or savory). They're a bargain too.
    Croissant from LeBus or Metropolitan
    Canele from La Colombe
    A single taco from one of the Tacquerias in/near the Italian Market

      1. re: Philly Ray

        Especially if the bagels from Spread are warm...

        I would add:

        At Reading Terminal Market:
        The cinnamon pretzel sticks from Miller's Twist
        A drippy roast pork sandwich from DiNic's
        Chocolate covered peanut butter prezels from Mueller's
        A warm chocolate chip cookie (with a napkin) from Fourth Street Cookies
        A gingerbread cookie (when they make them) or a corn muffin from Beiler's
        A sugar cookie from Flying Monkey
        A cannoli or torrone from Termini's or better yet a bag of the dead bone cookies at Halloween

        Elsewhere in CC:
        The macarons from La Petite Dauphine
        A napoleon from Isgro's
        A molasses cookie or coconut cream tart from Tartes
        A red velvet or chocolate cupcake from Brown Betty
        The hot cinnamon cashews at Christmas Village
        Bacio gelato at Capogiro
        A margherita pizza from Pitruco

        The aztec hot chocolate from Naked Chocolate
        A lamb pita from Argan
        A peanut butter bun from a bakery on 10th near Race St.
        Braverman's sugar cookies at RTM (when they were fresh)

        1. re: bluehensfan

          Isgro's is in Center City now?

          I also forgot the apple fritter at Bieler's.

          1. re: Philly Ray

            Technically I guess Isgro's isnt. But at least you get to walk off some of the napoleon to get there.

            I fogot about the fritters at Beiler's too. And the old fritters that Beiler's used to have that they no longer make.

      2. Dosa and Gobi Manchurian from Phila Chutney Co.

        1. You folks eat some big snacks!
          but thanks - there's some good stuff to get started on here.

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          1. re: Bob Loblaw

            ikr?!! If a roast pork from DiNics = a snack, what do you consider a meal? :)