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Nov 29, 2012 06:45 AM

kosher in cancun

I am going for yeshiva week and would like to know if anyone has experience in cancun. Does walmart/costco carry kosher food. Is there a kosher grocery store. Is it expensive to order from mexico city.
has anyone been to the new kosher restaurant
any ideas on what is a "not to miss" on this vacation

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  1. Walmart has a wide selection of products that are kosher. It is very helpful to have the lists of kosher items published by the va'ads in Mexico City as not all items bear printed certification, though a suprisingly large number of products do. I looked into having meals sent from my favorite restaurant in Mexico City and found it was not doable. Apparently, there is a new fish and chips place and Chabad offers a meal delivery service (which I never used).

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      Can you point me in the direction of the list of kosher items. I am interested in a possible side trip to Mexico City for shabbat. It seems the main jewish area is Polanco. Anyone have ideas on how to set this up.

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        Yes, Polanco is the main Jewish area. If you make it there, do try Gaucho Grill.

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